Monday, November 29th, 2021

It’s a singing monster like you’ve never seen them

Get ready for swings, flings and springs on the road to victory My singing monsters playground!! Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to Wonder Boy, there’s never been a better time to explore everything in the world. My singing monster Must be provided. Grab your friends and family and get ready to compete for some huge bragging rights.

Glow up

This week marks the debut of Singing Monsters on the Xbox console and a significant evolution from its two-dimensional origins.When I first created a quirky musical My singing monsterNever dreamed that more than 110 million players around the world would play, but here it is!When My singing monster playgroundFor the first time, you will be able to explore the monster world and control your favorite monsters in a fully realized 3D environment.

Meet monsters

Choose from the seven most furry musical monsters you’ve ever seen when competing in a fun and rewarding series of games. From fan favorite fur cones to explosive heroine Kaina, there are monsters that everyone can enjoy. Plus, express yourself by choosing from dozens of playful costumes that you can unlock by playing the game!


Let’s start the game

Tour the monster world and get ready to compete in many monster games. Maybe he is good at pogoing sunflowers. Alternatively, you’ll find that your true life call is to power a rocket ship on the moon with just two feet of your own. Whether you’re looking for bite-sized fun in free play, testing your skills with a solo gauntlet, or attending a tournament with your family, there are many ways to enjoy it in the playground.

What are you waiting for?Grab a friend and enter the world My singing monster playground On Xbox One.

Xbox Live

My singing monster playground

Big blue bubble


$ 39.99

It’s a singing monster that you’ve never seen before. Journey to Monster World to take part in crazy tournaments of monster games! Watch your favorite monsters come to life as you swing, fly around, and pave the way for victory in a tournament of four different players. Grab your friends and go to the playground to see who has what you need to win the ultimate monster bash!