Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

It was confirmed that the “Hybrid Platformer” Demon Turf jumps to the switch immediately.

Demon Turf It will be the next release from Playtonic Friends in the publishing department and will be confirmed in the confirmation (following its previous appearance in the e-shop). November 4th release. Developed by Fabraz (Slime-san), it blends 2D and 3D platforms with a wide range of environments and several large-scale boss battles.

As you can see in the trailer above, it has a pretty quirky style to help make it stand out. Like Slime-san, it looks like it’s set to inject a lot of content and playability as well.

Demon Turf Is a unique product with the community and reproducibility at the heart of its development. The complete game boasts the following:

Self-placement checkpoint- Brag without them for a perfect run or put it in preparation for a challenging section. If you miss a collection along the way, you can even teleport between these checkpoints!
Return level- Make all-new advances, take winning laps, explore previously defeated levels and discover the liberated state. There are many mechanical and environmental changes.
Physics-led combat- How do you defeat a horde of demons if your attack is not really deadly? A special physically driven combat system that adds chaos and fun. Push, pull, and rotate enemies down cliffs and spike them.
Amount of watering the mouth of side content- 50 specific locations / characters lined up on the wall of an empty gallery. Twenty-five arena fends challenge what deserves the enemy’s waves. Work on 10 demon soccer golf courses with a strange twist on the ball-pushing puzzle.Collect 8 cartridges to unlock remixed throwback levels from past glorious 3D platformers

Prices are £ 19.99 / € 21.99 / $ 24.99 USD. Please let us know if you would like to receive it on November 4th.