Tandem: Shadow Story Is an innovative puzzle platformer that combines two different gameplay styles and perspectives with a fairly dark atmosphere. The game explores the era of the 19th century through the mysterious disappearance of renowned magician Thomas Cain. Our main character, Emma, ​​decides to investigate the case alone. While heading to Kane’s Castle, she came across Thomas’ precious teddy bear, Fenton.

They both decided to find Thomas, whatever the cost.

The story is certainly interesting, but you have to explore this mystery through all the floors and levels of the castle. You will encounter spiders, clowns, octopuses, and even ghosts! Defeat these enemies and find another way to find out what happened to Thomas Cain.

As for gameplay, we are playing two characters who help each other with the help of shadows. Thanks to Emma’s lantern, she can cast shadows that help Fenton walk. Tandem: Shadow Story Uses two different cameras. One camera is top-down and the other is 2D (horizontal). The top-down camera is used when playing as Emma, ​​and the horizontal camera is used when playing as Fenton. Your journey consists of activating levers, avoiding enemies, pushing obstacles, and other activities, depending on which floor you are on. Most importantly, you will get diamonds at the end of each level.


Enter the different rooms of Canes Manor to learn about the unique quirks of each area: a garden full of spiders you have to sneak away from, a boiler room with huge octopuses, a kitchen full of cute little chunks Such! If you switch from Emma to Fenton on a regular basis, you’ll come across a variety of puzzles with unique twists depending on where you are.


We hope this overview gives you a glimpse into a unique experience full of chills, interesting puzzles, and mysterious world folklore. Tandem: Shadow Story..

Get ready for a great experience and join the Emma and Fenton duo! Tandem: Shadow Story Now available on Xbox.

Xbox Live

Tandem: Shadow Story

Hatin Interactive


$ 24.99

Tandem: A Tale of Shadows redefines the genre of puzzle platformers with unique top-down and side-scrawler gameplay and outstanding aesthetics. Help Emma and Teddy Bear Fenton solve the mystery of the disappearance of the famous magician Thomas Cain. Award-winning tandem: The Shadow Story features five beautiful Victorian worlds inspired by Tim Burton, Jules Verne and Conan Doyle. Players need to carefully switch between Emma’s top-down view and Fenton’s horizontal side-scrolling view if they want to escape these dimensions alive. As the duo overcome intellectual disabilities and menacing horrors, they reveal clues about Thomas’ disappearance, the strange Kane family, and their position in the universe. Will Emma and Fenton escape the twists and turns of the murder mansion, or are their destinies already sealed?