Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Introducing Super Mario Eclipse-New Super Mario Sunshine Mod with Extended Story and more

Super Mario Sunshine It may not be everyone’s tea, but it has been able to develop the cult over the years. Many Nintendo fans want to see a sequel to the original 2002 GameCube title, but Nintendo doesn’t seem to release such a game anytime soon.

Enter Super Mario Eclipse-custom creation described as some beta restores, some extensions, some “original mods”, and all “fan services”. This is a more descriptive summary-note how this mod includes a whole new expansion story, new missions, a fully customized world, new playable characters, and collaborations. — Like a monkey ball -And many more.

“Super Mario Eclipse is a beta restore, some enhancements, some original mods, all fan services. Dozens of new missions, a fully customized world, challenging secrets. Course, interconnected Isle Delfino launches, this is Super Mario. The sunshine experience you’ve always wanted-and some! Isle Delfino is all the new secrets waiting to be revealed Hiding, and with multiple playable characters on your side, there’s nothing you can’t do: gimmicks, exciting new movements and abilities, and references to your favorite GameCube-era Mario games. Prepares to collaborate across the sunshine modding community and finally get together to bring something special! This Super Mario Sunshine mod will definitely be Eclipse for the rest! “

If this makes you feel like Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo previously released the original game as part of last year’s All-Star collection-remember, it was a limited-time release, so it could be a bit difficult. Not track. Mario isn’t the only one getting all-new extended content thanks to the mod community. Characters like links receive similar content through the community. Just recently, Zelda: Breath of the Wild “Second Wind” has undergone a major update.

What do you think of Super Mario Sunshine Eclipse? Want to see Nintendo someday follow up on this GameCube Classic? Please let us know in the comments.