Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Introduce the xylophone from the studio that brought your Nintendo Switch calculator

Excellent, This is out of control.

Last week, Sabec launched the Nintendo Switch calculator. $10 application (literally Yes By the way, a calculator) immediately gained meme status, and Switch owners were so happy to share their reviews, and some even performed jokingly. Run fast.

Now, you will be happy to know that the recording studio is back, launching Xylophone just one week after the release of last week’s hit song. The eShop list shows: “Xylophone is a fun way for anyone to start learning to play xylophone,” “Turn your Nintendo Switch into a xylophone, and learn to play anytime, anywhere.”

The xylophone comes with nine songs (the colored bars will light up to tell you which notes you need to play), and it also has a “free play mode” where you can play the xylophone at will. The list helpfully suggests: “Perhaps after enough practice and learning, you can play one of the songs without any help and surprise your family and friends.”

By the way, if all of this seems a bit familiar, it’s because.Xylophone seems to be piano, This is another release of Sabec, which includes exactly the same nine songs in the same layout.

Just like a calculator, the price of Xylophone is 9.99 USD/8.09 GBP.It will be released tomorrow, so you can indeed download it yourself soon-who knows, Sabec might be Really Something to here.