Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Intellivision’s Amico is shaping up to be the most “Nintendo” non-Nintendo system ever

© Intellivision

It’s forgivable to miss it in all other E3 demos, but Intellivision’s Amico-focused video event is very interesting because it allows us to see how it becomes a surprisingly Nintendo-like game console (some consider three It should probably not be surprising that former Nintendo executives are involved).

Although Amico will certainly not challenge products such as PS5 and Xbox Series X (the industry veteran who hosted the video, Tommy Tallarico is very honest about it), it is a product that seems to have a lot of Similar to Nintendo’s idea.

Take the controller as an example; they not only have a touch screen and provide Wii-style motion control, they also allow you to carry your entire game collection with you-so if you visit a friend’s house, you can dock the controller in their Amico base system and Play all your games too.

There is also the fact that Amico’s controller has its own display, allowing asymmetric multiplayer games, just like Wii U-the difference here is Every The player has his own screen, not just one person. The video above shows an example of how to use this feature, where the last player gets a special prompt on his controller screen to help balance the odds. If you want, you can even connect your smartphone to the console and let more than two people participate-as Tallarico pointed out, Amico’s focus is on local multiplayer games, and reproduces having a room of people participating instead of playing The thrill of the game and strangers thousands of miles away.