Monday, November 29th, 2021

Inked: A Tale Of Love Review (Switch eShop)

In today’s era of impressive development tools and talented studios of all sizes, there are download-only games that are as eye-catching as high-budget contemporaries, with a focus on small, carefully constructed experiences. Ink: Love Story This is a good example of what a small but talented creative team can achieve, a leap from Apple Arcade and reminiscent of the wonderful variety in the SwitcheShop library.

Inked: A Tale of Love uses hand-drawn style as a basic part of the story, as well as a visual panash. You first play the hero trying to solve the mystery of the suffering animal, then embark on a quest to save his true love. It is wisely communicated by breaking some fourth walls for additional effects, with more narrators than they see. It’s a simple but carefully told story with impressive beats that make you think twice about some actions.

The gameplay itself is relatively simple, perhaps emphasizing the origin of the game on smart devices. Manipulate multiple environments and chapters from an isometric perspective, keep an eye out for hidden pictures and solve different puzzles. These are good for the most part, and new mechanisms and ideas to keep things interesting are steadily advancing. There are one or two puzzles that feel a bit glitched at run time, but most are clever and fun to solve.

This is a relatively short experience of a few hours, but it feels like a pretty good time. It has a great audio design with a great soundtrack and good narration. It’s also visually appealing and less likely to imitate hand-painted ink art than actually seeing that part. Rarely in Switch games, there are also visual quality settings with three variations from low to high. The highest settings occasionally cause slowdowns and stutters, but in each case I chose High. But it’s nice to be given choices.

By the time the credits are rolled back, you’ll still be able to find some hidden paintings, and even if you leave them behind, this is a completely comfortable and satisfying experience with Nintendo’s system. is. With smart puzzles, beautiful presentations and stories full of inspiring moments, Inked: A Tale of Love is well worth the time.