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Injustice: The Gods Among Us Explained-The Video Game that Redefines the DC Universe

There are many different versions of the DC universe, but few have had a huge impact on popular culture like Injustice: The God of Us. The original 2013 video game gave birth to its own empire through sequels, mobile games and piles of companion comics. Due to the news of the “Injustice” animated film, the “Injustice” series is expected to become even bigger in 2021. If you need help to understand this twisted superhero universe and why Superman suddenly became a villain, we have completely collapsed. The following are the topics we cover in this article:

  • What is injustice?
  • The secret weapon of the unjust universe
  • The plot of an injustice game
  • How to adapt to unjust comics
  • Unfair DC impact
  • Injustice animated film

The distorted history of the unjust universe in the District of Columbia

What is injustice?

The 2013 video game “Injustice: The Gods of Us” introduced a new branch of DC multiverse. The world used to be like the traditional DCU that we know and love, but on the day Superman was tricked into murdering his wife Louis and his unborn child, his destiny took a very dark turn. That tragedy pushed “Iron Man” to the brink. His obsession with getting rid of the evil world made him a despot. Only Batman in this world and his underground rebel organization still oppose Superman’s “One Earth” regime. Once it turns out that there is no power on earth to overthrow the tyrannical Superman, Batman turns to the Justice League on another earth for assistance.

This is a prerequisite to cheer for the original game, but over the years, the legend of “Injustice” has become bigger and bigger. The plot continued to appear in 2017’s “Injustice 2”, and DC’s “Injustice” comics enriched the universe and the events that led to these two games. Now, “Injustice” has even jumped into the movie, and Warner Bros. (Warner Bros.) has confirmed an animated “Injustice” movie.

Once it turns out that there is no power on earth that can overthrow a bossy Superman, Batman turns to the Justice League on another earth for assistance.

The secret weapon of the unjust universe

Injustice and its sequel are fighting games developed by NetherRealm Studios. NetherRealm Studios is the same team responsible for the recent Mortal Kombat champions and follows the MK script in terms of gameplay and presentation. This raises an interesting question-how do you create a one-on-one fighting game where powerful heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman are on par with ordinary humans such as Batman and Harley Quinn?

The answer comes in the form of pills. In this world, the factions of Superman and Batman have used nanotechnology pills derived from KDNA. The pill temporarily gave incredible power, allowing ordinary people to strike with Superman and keep pace with Flash. An unjust cartoon even shows a capable Alfred Pennyworth defeating Superman. Unfortunately, when Superman has a real army of super stormtroopers, it means that the deck is even more capable of dealing with the Batman team.

In the Injustice game, the pill is basically a convenient MacGuffin designed to justify the confrontation of various characters. However, this pill became an integral part of the plot of the “Injustice” comic because it became the key to Batman’s early resistance plan.

The plot of an injustice game

The first game of injustice took place five years after the initial tragedy, which put Superman on a dark path. During the game, the player learned that Superman’s failure was the work of the Joker. The clown crime prince created a complicated illusion, inducing Superman to murder the pregnant Lois Lane (Lois Lane) and launch a nuclear weapon that destroyed the metropolis. Suffering from grief, Superman took a way that Batman couldn’t reach and killed the Joker in revenge. Although few people blame Superman for losing his composure, this murder triggered a series of chain reactions that eventually made Superman a global dictator. In order to trample on evil in any necessary way, Superman has become the greatest threat to world peace.

Injustice is no different from Marvel’s civil war, in which the heroes of the world are torn apart in a terrible tragedy. Some people, such as “Superwoman”, “The Flash”, “Aquaman” and “Shazam”, all support the cause of Superman. Even villains like Black Adam and Sinestro have allied with Superman, showing new respect for his zero tolerance for crime. Others, such as Black Canary, Batwoman and even Harley Quinn with Batman. In this world, Lex Luthor is a close friend of Superman, not an enemy of pain, but Lex finally shows that he is a mole rat working with Batman. The conflicting loyalties, including Flash and Shazam, also tortured other heroes.

The first game revolves around Batman’s despair, and the final plan is to overthrow the regime by recruiting another universe of Justice League. When the Joker was brought into these heroes by accident, the plan became more complicated. Needless to say, Superman was not excited to see the man who ruined his life once again wandering around Gotham City.This tragedy that destroyed the Justice League.

This tragedy that destroyed the Justice League.

In the end, these recruits proved to be just the extra muscles Batman needed to finally defeat and overthrow Superman. The game ends with the return of the regular Justice League (and the Joker) to the world. Superman is imprisoned in a cell full of decayed red solar radiation.

During the time Batman and his allies were trying to rebuild the world, 2017’s “Injustice 2” ushered in a boom five years after the first game. They faced a new threat from Gorilla Grodd’s super-villain alliance (The Society), only to learn that Grodd was an agent of Brainiac. Brainiac hijacked Batman’s new surveillance satellite, “Brother’s Eye,” and began to shrink and fill the Earth’s cities for him to collect. Batman has no choice but to join forces with his previous regime enemies (including Superman himself) to stop this threat to human existence.

The sequel also focuses on new characters, such as “Supergirl” (Supergirl, who recently arrived on Earth and was directed by Black Adam), the Blue Beetle, and “Doctor Destiny.” The climax witnessed the joint victory of Batman and Superman over Brainiac, but when Superman tried to restore them to full size, the new metropolis and coastal cities were destroyed. The game ends when the player makes a choice. Standing with Superman and the regime will cause Brainiac to be killed, and Superman will return to the throne. Together with Batman and the Rebellion (perhaps the normative ending) resulted in Brainiac’s life being spared, and the helpless Superman was exiled to the Phantom Zone.

How to adapt to unjust comics

Although the main “Injustice” storyline is recorded in both games, DC Comics has greatly enriched this alternative universe with a series of prequel books. The original “Injustice” comic is divided into five volumes, and each volume records a year’s time until the events of the original game. Injustice: The first year shows the Joker’s conspiracy against Superman in more depth, and then explores the origin of the heroic faction where Superman and Batman fought. Later articles tend to focus on the roles played by various DC power participants such as the Green Lantern Corps, Greek gods and supernatural communities in the rise of Superman.

The unfair comics themselves have won widespread praise, in large part because they are more focused on roles and focused on enriching many of the heroes in this conflict. Harley Quinn’s gradual rescue is a major focus, as is Black Canary’s role as figure head in the rebellion. These comics greatly expanded the motivations of characters such as Flash and Green Lantern, and even revealed the tragic events that led Damian Wayne to choose Superman and reject his father.

DC followed up with the original five-part Injustice comic and launched several other series. “Injustice: Zero Earth” is a restatement of the original game plot, but especially from the perspective of Harley Quinn. “Injustice 2” bridged the five-year gap between the two games, not only enriching the background stories of characters such as “Super Girl” and “Blue Beetle”, but also introducing new villains such as Ra’s al Ghul. Injustice: Year Zero is set before the infamous Joker is killed, and clarified to the justice society in this world.

There is even a cross-border comic called “Injustice and the Master of the Universe”. Interestingly, this story of Superman and Humans is a sequel to “Injustice 2” after the “bad” ending of “Superman” regaining the throne.

Most of these unjust cartoons were written by Tom Taylor or Brian Buccellato. Taylor (Taylor) also proposed DCeased, the series can be regarded as an unjust spiritual partner. DCeased is set in a completely different DC universe. The zombie plague caused damage to it, while DCeased is a celebration of Superman’s innate goodness, which is obviously contrary to Injustice’s description of a flawed and broken Iron Man.

Unfair DC impact

Although “Injustice” has just been adapted into an animated film, in recent years, the film has had a significant impact on the larger DC library. Injustice is the most compelling example of a story about a morally degraded version of Superman, which has become more and more popular. Injustice seems to have directly affected Zack Snyder’s version of Superman in the DCEU. Snyder Cut of Justice of the Justice League suggested that Superman was killed after the death of Lois Lane. Banished to evil. Watch the video below to learn more about how Snyder Cut drew inspiration from the “Injustice” game:The unjust universe is also known for the visual performance of DC heroes. Many people are dressed in traditional spandex with heavy armor and a militaristic appearance. In other DC games and live-action movies, there are traces of unfair visual style. Even in the Super Girl TV series, which is characterized by a more traditional and ethical version of Superman, Iron Man’s clothing also has elements of an unfair version, such as the lack of a red suitcase and the way the cloak connects with the S logo.

Injustice animated film

Injustice fans can expect this team to jump into the animation in the next branch. DC and Warner Bros. (Warner Bros.) quietly confirmed an unjust animated film in May 2021, which showed the Blu-ray release of the second part of “Batman: The Long Halloween”, which included a The trailer of the fair movie. Nothing is known about this project. If the movie is an adaptation of the original game or a derivative product like a comic, it remains to be seen.

In view of the continued popularity of franchising, it seems only a matter of time before Warner Bros. Interactive announced the third “Injustice” game. Traditionally, publishers and developers NetherRealm tend to alternate between the new Injustice game and the Mortal Kombat game, releasing the game every two years. However, whether due to delays related to the pandemic, the launch of new consoles or other factors, as of 2021, Injustice 3 has not yet been announced.

When Injustice 3 finally arrives, we expect it to be based on the “good” ending of Injustice 2, because the Batman team tries to rebuild the entire world after Brainiac’s attack and new threats emerge. (Of course, the sequel is entirely possible to follow, and once again treat Superman as the overlord of the world).

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