Monday, September 20th, 2021

Infinitrap: Rehamstered is now available-Xbox Wire

Call all explorers!

In the dark tunnel beneath the earth’s crust, the dark forces seem to be imprisoned for eternity. Ohio Jack is the second best explorer in the world. He must dance with death to obtain the immortality he desires. In the hostile underground world, full of traps, zombies and other terrible enemies, Jack finds himself trapped in the cycle of life and death. He struggles with various difficulties to pass the seemingly endless labyrinth of death and destruction—— Infinitrap: Rehamstered Now available on Xbox One, let you enjoy it!

Infinitrap: Rehamstered Created by dreams! Dream of eternal life! (–And eternal pain!) We want to create a very challenging, aesthetically pleasing game that can return to classics, such as trap!, Dangerous Dave, with bomb-man. We want something that allows people to sit on the edge of the seat, secretly hoping that maybe, just maybe, they will fall.

Infinitrap: Rehamstered

Infinitrap: Rehamstered It is a game designed for speed runners. It focuses on the nostalgia of the old similar games and brings a new perspective on the pursuit of eternal life. We want to create a slightly silly and witty story that almost anyone can enjoy. If you like being eaten alive by zombies, stabbed by hedgehogs, smashed, burned and cut down by a series of terrible traps, this is definitely your game.

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Infinitrap: Rehamstered

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12.99 USD

Set aside all worldly worries and get ready for an action-adventure game that will kill you. Yes, Infinitrap: Rehamstered has an almost unlimited number of deadly traps in an expanding huge dungeon, and may involve some hamsters. You guessed it too? What you don’t know is that you will play the role of Ohio Jack-an experienced, handsome, and rugged adventurer-and the second best adventurer in the world. And he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty, nor is he afraid of dying a lot. We heard a dungeon calling your name. Explore, survive, die, retry-in Infinitrap: Rehamstered.