Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Infernax looks like a delicious extension of the 8-bit Castlevania Dracula Formula

Image: Berzerk Studio

Berzerk Studio has a good reputation among SwitcheShop enthusiasts. Just Shapes & BeatsA pretty cool title with great music and gameplay reminiscent of Super hexagon.. The development team will be back soon to offer another interesting slice of retro-inspired goodness in the following form: Infernax, Scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

Published by Detemu’s indie publishing label The Arcade Crew, this work is inspired by the 8-bit era. Castlevania The trilogy comes to mind, but it’s not just a tribute. It blends much more modern mechanics and ideas, all combined with pretty tasty visuals.You can check the trailer Directly on youtube (It cannot be embedded due to age restrictions).

The following are some of the PR claims.

Alcedor has the essential experience and money to gain power-ups as he gains new skills and weapons to help slaughter enemies, level up stats, and paint the screen red with blocky blood splatters. To win. Moral test decisions made during his quest will drive results later in the adventure and affect which of the game’s multi-ending players will witness. InfernaxThe open-world style design is packed with secrets awaiting discovery by the most kick-ass players, providing a satisfying reward for those who have the skills to withstand the brutal challenges.

Next year is definitely on our radar. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.