Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

In the newly translated report, Sakurai recalled the appearance of E3 2001 that crushed the brothers’ melee combat

A blurry selfie of Sakurai, which was cool before. (image: Nintendo)

E3 2021 may be coming soon, but let us quickly return to the sight and sound of E3 2001, which was unbelievable 20 years ago.

Looking back, 2001 was a bumper year for Nintendo fans. At the center is the launch of the cute little lunch box GameCube, a brand new home game console that will launch a new Super Smash Bros. game. That game was a melee, and until today, fans of the series still love this title.

As you might expect, as the game is scheduled to be launched at the end of the year, Melee had a very strong influence at E3 that year.Series Director Masahiro Sakurai wrote About this game appearing at the show a few weeks after it happened, thank you A new translation Posted by the folks at Source Gaming, we can relive what was a special moment for all participants.

Here are some selected snippets from the translation:

“I’m not an exhibition staff, so it’s easier, but I did handle some auxiliary work. For example, I adjusted the game the day before, and I brought the game ROM to the conference center directly from the airport. I explained to the booth staff To help attendees with various things about Smash.”

“Nintendo’s booth occupies the largest space among all participating companies. Luigi’s Mansion, Pikmin, and Smash are playable. There are 13 demo machines in the showroom plus 2 backstages. I think these three games have the most demo machines. Every title in all games on E3.”

“In Smash, four people can fight at the same time, so the three-minute round should allow guests to pass at a good speed while still allowing them to play decently…at least, as it should be. However, there are some waiting in line But still unable to get its guests.”

“The next day, some players used their characters well, which made me think,’You really play this game many times, don’t you?’ However, from here on, the abilities and attributes of the characters will be a bit drastic. The change.”

you could View full translation here If you want to read the entire article by Sakurai. He discussed the music at the event, winning the Game Boy Advance competition, and how the team worked hard to make a video that could not even be heard in the exhibition hall.

During this period, do you have any fond memories of Super Smash Bros. Melee or Nintendo? Please let us know in the comments below.