Monday, May 16th, 2022

Impact of Animal Crossing Transformation: New Horizons Version 2.0

Animal Crossing: New Horizons There is a major version 2.0 update, which includes lots of freebies and paid DLC options. Happy home paradise.. Many teams NL enjoyed the appeal, and what was talked about was the new content feature that brought back expired players. It also regained the daily play of some who would have ended long ago for many islanders.

So, last week, a team of two people (Tom Whitehead and Kate Gray) who got buried in the game gathered at The Roost to talk about virtual cuppa, why updates, DLC, and time travel are dangerous games. ..

Start by confessing that you’ve “expired” from a pre-update of the game.

Image: Nintendo Life

Kate Gray: For me, it’s been at least a year since I played regularly before the update. I wanted to grab a pumpkin last fall, but it didn’t last long. But for the first two months I played at VORACIOUSLY!

Tom White Head: In my case, it never expired, but the way I play has changed a lot. During the various blockades and quarantines, it became a small meeting place with my mother as an alternative to a real visit. It was a social thing to sell turnips and exchange unused recipes. But last year, I played for about 10 minutes a day to check the price of turnips and check the villagers. Chatting with quirky animal companions is still fun, but in a way it’s no longer a “game.”

New mechanisms such as cooking and agriculture have activated the game for me.

KG: Then you must be absolutely involved in it. I’ve had about 15 million bells in my account since I was in the turnip market, and I’ve already dropped to about 10 million.This update Expensive..

TW: I was too weak in the turnip market, I should have made more!

KG: I went difficult.. I participated in about 3 different ACNH Discords. This means that there is always a place to sell, even if the profit is small. Now I’m afraid of the idea of ​​returning to those discords! I haven’t posted there for a year. I feel like someone who supports the soccer team only when they are fine.

TW: Well, that’s probably Nintendo’s fault. I had the opportunity to make more meaningful regular updates, but after about 6-8 months they were depleted. What did you think of the update “strategy”? In particular, this version 2.0 clearly suppressed a lot of things.

KG: To be honest, I have a lot of emotions. I don’t necessarily agree that I need to feel qualified for a live service game that is updated with a lot of content, but at the same time, this is the first thing that actually brought me. Return to the game. I didn’t really care because there were only one or two seasonal items here and there for a limited time. New mechanics like cooking and farming have activated my (and obviously DLC) games, but it took so long as I think Nintendo got a lot of bad news from disgruntled fans. Is strange. At least I’m happy — but it’s strange that it happened so late.

TW: Yes, I think the chance of amazing momentum has been lost. But on the positive side, it now feels like the game has been completely redesigned. It’s no longer what I do from habits, and gladly new ones are so fascinating. Starting with free content, I think the whole thing will be much more rounded and diverse. Every day may be a little different now. What do you think about the prize in particular?

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KG: I think it’s absolutely amazing how much free content you have. I wonder if it’s really better to throw everything away at once, so instead of sticking it together for months, there’s a lot of things that keep people busy, and everyone is more than just scrap. Is constantly hungry. There were already a lot of games I’ve never seen, but now the depth is really really exciting — I think the worst thing that happens with a game like this is that you realize you’ve reached the bottom. So to speak, a barrel.

TW: Sure, I’m definitely lacking in what to do. I like your point about the benefits of doing so much in one omnipotent update. Other than the #content approach such as time travel, it’s okay to have a variety of things. I have not Not yet. I have a farm plan, but I haven’t set it yet. I have only traveled to Kappei a few times. With real choices every day, it now feels like a great entry into the series.

Other than the #content approach such as time travel, it’s okay to have a variety of things. I have not Not yet. I have a farm plan, but I haven’t set it yet. I have only traveled to Kappei a few times.

KG: I think I learned a lot from how I played in the first few months, that is … playing irresponsibly. I wanted to get something new, so I was able to invite my friends and share the excitement. But it burned me out very, very hard, and that’s not what I want for a game like this. This time, not only is it slowing it down (designing one happy home paradise a day, and sometimes even that), but I’m not very involved in #ACNH social media. It can be really stressful or even competitive to see others doing so much when you are racing to catch up. I noticed this time too! Some people already somehow somehow have all the new furniture. I’ve never traveled back in time, and I’m not going to do that, but this time I’m not asking other friends for all the missing furniture. I can’t wait for the froggie chair.

TW: Yes, each one is unique, but this is not a speed running game! I prefer a slow and steady approach, which is the atmosphere I want from it.You mentioned DLC, and that’s one of the things I’m playing with a bit It’s faster than usual, so you can review it a bit.I like it very much, but so far it seems to be fully integrated with the main game and it’s a great take Happy home designer With 3DS. It’s too cute. It’s just a game that makes me smile.

KG: As one of the 10 people who played Happy Home Designer, I’m happy that the moment has come. It never felt like a complete game, but it was a proof of concept. In fact, it was definitely … a place to test something. I like them to embody the story a bit, but it’s interesting because it’s almost the same game! Looking at people’s reactions to it, I think “this is not new”, but I think Animal Crossing is like that for people who have never played old games. To be clear, I think it’s nice.

Baseball AC
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TW: I’ve learned to take villagers there and make particularly fun designs (just give them chocolates). That said, I don’t know how possible it is to “fail” or react lukewarmly. So far, all clients have been happy with my efforts and are fully aware that my design skills are not the only ones.

KG: From a game developer’s point of view, that’s interesting. Because subjectivity is not possible in the game, there is no real way to determine when the game requires drawing (such as A colorful story or art academy) or writing (such as Kind Words). It is “good” because it requires humanity and senses. You can only really teach the game to decide if it meets the requirements, therefore why you get some furniture first.Yeah, that means you can intentionally make an ugly home (I had some homes that were terrible and terrible to Happy Home Designer) and still “win” You can, but I think it really gives you the impetus to do a good job Just for a reason.. I think it’s really cool!

TW: Absolutely, I’m always trying to make a nice home just because the game motivates me to do so. It has always been AC’s strength, but character design and scripting has always been top notch.

Overall, Animal Crossing 2.0 feels really great right now, and I think it’s good before I “get it done”. What a mess, I’ll probably go roast for morning coffee until the end of the hour.

KG: I missed Brewster. And Kapp’n. More than I expected! I’m legally pleased about how much it pulled me back and how it feels like the first month again. Nintendo, I like it.

TW: So how much do you expect AC to be a daily / regular game for you? As I said before, it didn’t stop in my case, but I was “playing” it.

KG: It’s always weird about these things when it’s your job — and it wasn’t my job when it came out! But I have a lot of fun taking screenshots. Screenshots are painful, so it’s a good sign of how much I enjoy the game. Animal Crossing is a much more cozy game than the Spring / Summer game, so I’d like to continue playing at least until the end of the year. In addition, I have new friends now, which means a new gift opportunity!

Give him your money
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TW: good! In the unlikely event of “seeing everything”, I think I can continue for a while, depending on the extra daily options and how fun it is. I can’t think of anything “missing” right now, except for the option to work at The Roost! But I live without it. Is there anything else still missing in this game, or is it almost complete AC?

KG: Oddly enough, one of my biggest disappointments is the fact that catching crickets doesn’t give you a cricket recipe. I want to eat crickets. But for similar topics, I don’t know how many recipes there are. I’m also preemptively worried that there aren’t many recipes. That’s it, as there are no new free updates. In terms of the amount of content missing … I haven’t really cared about characters like Gracie and Booker, so I’m pretty happy with what we have.Maybe some New arrival I like the new character, but it’s okay for me to come back too! How about you

TW: I can’t think of anything. I think it was one of your articles that KK said you should play at The Roost. A hybrid of the old disco era and his new acoustic act. But in the end, I think the game is in great shape right now. Do you have a final idea to share about the update?

KG: Above all, I think there is a message for readers and players. Slowly. You don’t have to unlock everything as fast as others. Play it until you enjoy it, then call it night. That way it will last a long time!

Animal Crossing: What do you think of New Horizons version 2.0 and what’s your favorite new feature???