Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Immerse yourself in Mexico in Forza Horizon 5 and experience the largest and most diverse open world in our history


  • Forza Horizon 5, The follow-up to the highly anticipated 2018 breakthrough hot open world driving game Forza Horizon 4, On November 9th, it will land on Xbox game consoles, PCs on Windows and Steam, and Xbox Game Pass including game consoles, PCs and cloud games (beta).
  • The unique fun and free brands of the Horizon Music Festival will travel to beautiful and vibrant Mexico.
  • Forza Horizon 5 Have the largest and most diverse open world ever Forza Horizon The game is set against a vibrant and evolving landscape, and carries out unlimited driving actions in hundreds of the world’s greatest cars.

Today we showed how Forza Horizon 5 Powered by Xbox Series X|S, you can lead a thrilling expedition through Mexico with amazing contrast and beauty in hundreds of the world’s greatest cars.Explore vibrant deserts, dense forests, historic cities, hidden ruins, pristine beaches, vast canyons and towering snow-capped volcanoes-the highest point ever horizon game.

be prepared Forza Horizon​​ n 5’s Challenging in-depth activities, reward you for participating in activities you like. Meet new characters and choose the results of their Horizon Story missions, and deal with awesome weather events such as towering sandstorms and intense tropical storms as Mexico’s unique and vibrant season changes the world every week. No two seasons are the same.

Team up with other players and enter Horizon Arcade to continue a series of interesting top-level challenges that will involve you and your friends. Meet new people in Horizon Open and Tours, and share your creations with new community gift sharing*. (The console requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold, memberships are sold separately.)

Forza Horizon 5 Demonstrate powerful new graphics functions. Experience unobstructed vistas and scan the distance to understand the adventure ahead. Encounter the smallest details in the world, which are presented in amazing realism, down to the smallest details, such as the light emitted by each needle on the Cholla cactus. Our Mexico HDR sky capture lights up the world and makes you feel as if you are there. Thanks to Xbox Series X|S, ray tracing is used in Forzavista to make the car look more realistic.

The feature in the demo is Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. With a top speed of more than 350 km/h, Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is the first to transfer the latest and most efficient Formula One hybrid technology from the track to the street almost one-on-one.Please continue to follow us for more information and content about Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, and prepare to Forza Horizon 5 This November.For more information, please visit AMG Web page.

Released on November 9, players can choose Standard, deluxe and premium versions of the game. Xbox Game Pass players will have access to the Standard Edition. If they purchase the premium add-on package, they can enjoy all the exciting DLC ​​in the premium version of the game, including the early access starting on November 5th.

For more information about Forza Horizon 5, please check the Forza blog Here.