Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Ikumi Nakamura, who gained fame at Ghostwire Tokyo, remembers her rocky beginnings at Capcom.

Ikumi Nakamura is preparing her independent studio, and the new profile illustrates her career and details the highs and lows that lead to this exciting new chapter.

so New profile for Game Informer, Nakamura shared the history of game development, starting with his first work at Capcom’s Clover, a beloved subdivision known for the work of Okami and Viewtiful Joe.

It was Clover that Nakamura met his future colleagues Hideki Kamiya and Shinji Mikami, but Nakamura said her time at Clover and Capcom was difficult.

She says Capcom regarded Clover as “just a group of weirdos” and “a completely separate entity.” Nakamura quoted Okami’s Wii port, which omits the names of Clover and its developers in credits. Capcom states that the rights issue is the cause.

“I’m sure something happened — politics,” Nakamura said. In addition, she describes Capcom as “old-fashioned” with a manager yelling at employees and kicking office furniture. The actions she says would not be allowed in the modern workplace.

Nakamura joined Mikami at Tango Gameworks after working for Platinum in games such as Bayonetta and canceled Scalebound. She was the creative director of the next title, Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The entire profile reveals Nakamura’s love for horror and how deep the passion she shared with her father. And while working with Mikami in horror games is an extension of that passion, she also reveals that the Resident Evil director wants to create a new game and doesn’t want to continue doing the same. Did. Create a survival horror. “

Nakamura is currently working as a consultant in preparing a new studio. Ghostwire: The full profile is worth reading in Game Informer while Tokyo is postponed until 2022.

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