Monday, May 23rd, 2022

IGN 25: A love letter to the history of games, games and entertainment is officially here

It’s the 25th anniversary of IGN and we have created a game to celebrate!Developed in partnership with the creator of 2020 games, IGN 25: The game is a journey through the world of IGN and the history of the game and you can play it now.

A love letter to video games and entertainment, IGN 25: The Game is a 2D platformer that looks at IGN’s anthropomorphic d-pad, Iggy, in its first video game. Since 1996, they have traveled to launch the Imagine Games Network site (,,, which launched everything, and continues the important moments in IGN’s history.

You can play IGN25: The Game here..

Alongside Iggy, you can see the site’s first E3 (1997), the first San Diego Comic-Con Live (2013), the opening of IGN offices around the world, and the launch of flagship shows including: increase. Game scoop! When Daily fix.. It also relives the release of many beloved video game consoles released over the last 25 years.

Designed with the Unity engine for almost a year and with a completely original score, IGN 25: The Game includes over 35 unique achievements for players to unlock. With over 35 animations, Iggy can envision 15 different “Alter Igos”, from skateboarders to photographers, superheroes and mythical warriors. Don’t worry: IGN 25: The game is completely free and there are no microtransactions.

IGN 25: The game is intended to be played multiple times to understand all the small references and details packed into it, and to help it, players jump to their favorite in a particular year. You can spend time in the area. Difficulty is designed to be enjoyable regardless of experience level.

Apart from the new game, IGN is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Goods And special features. This includes the 25 best N64 games ever, the birth of The Sopranos and Prestige TV.

IGN 25: The game can be played in the browser via both desktop and mobile. Enjoy your wonderful 25th anniversary here at IGN!