Sunday, July 25th, 2021

ID@Xbox Summer Games Demo Festival showcases 40 games

it’s time! We are very happy to present 40 wonderful unreleased game demos on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Just like last year’s summer game demo event, you can download and play these games in the comfort of your home from June 15th to 21st.

The demo will start playing today, and we encourage you to continue to check the Xbox dashboard on the console, as more content will continue to be available throughout the week! Please keep in mind that most of these demos are an early understanding of the gameplay, and may not represent the complete game at launch, including the availability in each country/region, because the developers will continue to update and improve before release Their game.

We are also very happy to share with you the following 12 new games coming to Xbox soon!

Arietta of Soul (The third mental game)

-barTonsmall cake (Volcano Bean)

BuTonTon City (subconscious)

Cat side injury: re-bred (Manekoware)

dreamer (PlaySys)

FA kindrA kinddA kindy agreement (Red Koi Box)

GPacking: Fully loaded (cloakroom)

paint the town red (Southeast Games)

TonA kindnGramNarGram (Polyblock Studio)

thoriumThe strange story of Brian Fisher: Chapter 2 (intelligent)

thoriumBeestone’s story (Black Cube game)

staff memberdrop out (four, five, six)

In addition to these games, there are various games to try! The following is a list of games and their developers participating in the ID@Xbox Summer Game Demo Festival:

Juggler’s story (kaleidoscope)

Reverse DX (Saturn game)

Arietta of Soul (The third mental game)

-barTonsmall cake (Volcano Bean)

Black book (Moteska)

BuTonTon City (subconscious)

Cardaclysm: Fragments of Four (Elderly game)

Cat side injury: re-bred (Manekoware)

Clone drones in dangerous areas (Doborog)

feel sleepy! (Satuki)

Connect the tank (YummyYummyTummy)

Dead garbage (Making legend)

Death Trap Dungeon: Golden Room (Good Door Media)

dreamer (PlaySys)

Echo generation (coconut)

Faraday Agreement (Red Koi Box)

Fractal space (Haze game)

GPacking: Fully loaded (cloakroom)

Gdstrike (Suppressed)

Jyoustice Sucks: charging (Samurai Punk)

lake (Aggressive)

Mowing simulator (Sky hook game)

MeterA kindd street (Craft shop)

MeterA kindyhem brawler (Hero concept)

paint the town red (Southeast Games)

Farmer princess (Samobi game)

sable (hut)

Set sail (David Evans game)

String theory (Beautiful bee)

Tanarok (Polyblock Studio)

Toncup (Smarto Club)

thoriume Eternal Column (ACE team)

thoriumRift destroyer (EXOR Studio)

thoriumThe strange story of Brian Fisher: Chapter 2 (intelligent)

Beestone’s story (Black Cube game)

TonrIGGUh witch (Raindrops)

TonyounIC (Isometric)

damage (four, five, six)

Go to your Xbox and start enjoying these wonderful game demos on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Yes, we would love to hear your us Twitter, Weibo, Discord, twitch, with YouTubePlease note that some demos are subject to regional availability. Please stay tuned to Xbox Wire to learn more about the Xbox team plan, and of course, there is an amazing summer of games!