Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

ID @Xbox Accept your love for classics on retro sale

There is no more iconic visual style that expresses your love for games than retro pixel art. Join this love letter to game culture from some of the industry’s most passionate new voices. [email protected] Retro sale.. Here are just a few of the great titles featured:

Cuphead (25%) A classic run-and-gun action game with an emphasis on boss battles. Inspired by 1930s comics, the visuals and audio are carefully crafted with the same technology as at the time. Traditional hand-painted cel animation, watercolor background, original jazz recording. Cuphead or Mugman (single player or local co-op), traversing strange worlds, getting new weapons, learning powerful super moves, and discovering hidden secrets while trying to repay the devil’s debt. ) Please play!

Baldur’s Gate When Baldur’s Gate II: Extended Edition Forced to leave home in a mysterious situation (60%), you find that the Sword Coast is drawn into a war-threatening conflict. Immediately you will notice that other forces are working. Much more sinister than you can imagine. Can you resist the evil of your blood and abandon the dark fate that is waiting for you? Or do you accept your immense nature and rise to divinity? Customize your hero, recruit brave fellow parties, and explore the Sword Coast for adventure, profit, and destiny.

Fugitive 2 (75%) Risk escape from the toughest prisons in the world. Explore the largest prison ever, with multiple floors, roofs, vents and underground tunnels. You must follow prison rules, attend roll calls, do prison work, and follow strict routines, all the while secretly designing your bid for freedom. Your jailbreak madness will take you from the icy Fort Tundra to the train through the desert to the final frontier!

Pixark (75%) A vast wild world full of evil dinosaurs, magical creatures, and endless adventures! To survive in this mysterious land, you need to tame ferocious and cute creatures, make high-tech and magical tools, and build your own base from cubes. With robust character creators, myriad voxel-based maps, and procedurally generated quests, PixArk The adventure will be completely unique. Team up with your friends to form a tribe or play for yourself. Spend time building a towering fortress or explore the vast caves. Fly on the back of a dragon and attack your enemies with a magic wand, or ride a powerful T-Rex and explode your enemies with a rocket launcher. In the world of PixArk, it’s up to you to survive.

Survivalist (60%) The island is alive! As you explore and uncover the secrets, your newly found home changes in a day / night cycle. Hunt (or be hunted) animals for food or an array of mythical enemies. They are not always happy to see you. Get the quest from the Mysterious Stranger or find it washed ashore. Get ready to trek through procedurally generated wilderness with different biomes for adventures unique to every player. Do you just want to find too many dangers in life on the island or share your building expertise with your friends? Survivalist Did you cover it! Complete joint adventures, earn loot, trade, and eventually survive together, and you and up to three fellow drifters explore the island’s paradise.

Kingdom to crown (30%) A side-scrolling micro-strategy game with a minimalist atmosphere, wrapped in the aesthetics of beautiful and modern pixel art. Play the role of a monarch on their steeds, recruit loyal subjects, build your kingdom, and protect it from greedy creatures trying to steal your coins and crowns. In the all-new campaign mode, the monarch now has to work to build a kingdom that takes time to stand until he finds a way to permanently defeat greed. Explore the environment and discover new mounts and secrets hidden deep inside.

All these titles and other titles will be on sale until October 18th. [email protected] Retro sale!! Hurry up this wonderful opportunity to build a retro gallery. See the complete list of games on