Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Id Software recruitment staff for “long-term iconic action FPS”

id Software is currently opening a number of jobs in its Dallas office, and the studio wants to hire new staff to work on the development of a “long-term iconic action FPS.”

Currently recruiting positions Zenimax website.. In addition to stating that developers are hiring staff to work with existing IPs, the number of vacant posts on the site may provide further clues as to what it is.

Quake remastered screenshot

It is described in the job description of Skybox artistThe studio says it’s looking for someone to join an existing team to provide “AAA quality sci-fi and fantasy environmental views and skyboxes.” The id never confirms which franchise the new staff will work on, but references to the aesthetics of “sci-fi and fantasy” suggest that the studio is about to start developing a new Doom entry. There is a possibility. Alternatively, the look of Quake’s Gothic industry can be thought of within the realm of science fiction and fantasy.

Doom Eternal, id Software’s final entry into the Doom series, was released last year and has been well received by critics and fans. Feel free to check out the reviews of the 9/10 award-winning games. A strong critical reception may be enough to speculate that the studio may return to the series again for the sixth Doom, but there are also some factors that can excite Quake fans. ..

Following the announcement at QuakeCon, the release of a remastered version of Quake earlier this year may suggest that the studio is testing the body of water before further franchising in the future.

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