Friday, September 17th, 2021

ICYMI: /twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox-Xbox Wire

Did you catch our second one [email protected] And the /twitchgaming event? If not, then this is what you missed! Fresh indie games and new game trailers. In addition, we also have world premieres, interviews, surprise releases and hands-on demos.We also celebrated some outstanding developers who will release their first game on Xbox. Fans can learn more about these teams and their experiences in our games Welcome to Xbox article.

That’s not all! We also shared some Xbox Game Pass news and announcements. Here are some amazing works we showed today:

Aeon Drive (2awesome Studios) (Game console and PC)-Fall 2021
Game demo Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!
Travel through the cyberpunk landscape of New Barcelona Aeon Avenue, An action platform game, fast! Whether it’s solo or up to 4 people in collaboration, sprint and sprint through many areas of this neon-filled city-and use your time and space bending abilities to succeed.

Lab Rat (Chump Squad) (Console and PC) – 2022
Congratulations! You are hired to test a brand new game! White mouse It is a satirical adventure, starring an AI obsessed with indicators. When you pass more than a hundred satisfying and curved puzzles, he will monitor, describe and entertain you. Need to laugh? Join the beta at now!

Ruins Library (Lunar Project) (Cloud and Console)- Free now
Launched today with Xbox Game Pass, in Ruin library, You will witness the story of Angela, Sephirot and Roland after Lobotomy Corporation ends. Invite different guests to buy various books and then use them accordingly. How you use your collection to develop the library is up to you. A good book allows you to invite new guests with more secrets. Collect books and explore the secrets of the city.

OlliOlli World (Private Record) (Console)-Winter 2021
Oreo World It is a bold new skateboarding action platform game, full of personality. Flip and flow in the vivid and vibrant world of Radlandia, encounter colorful characters as you hone, deceive and spread, to discover the mysterious god of skateboarding and explore Gnarvana.

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered (Skunkape Games) (Console) – Free now
Now everyone’s favorite dog and rabbit are back Sam and Max Save the World Remake, This is the new version of their first season plot game, with the blessing of Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell, carefully updated by a small group of original developers.

Spacelines From the Far Out (Coffeenauts) (Console and PC)-Fall 2021
Game demo Now available on Xbox One and Xbox One Series X|S!
A procedurally generated cooperative adventure, you and your friend are staff members of an interstellar travel company-your job is to let your passengers reach their locations safely and happily, and hope to vomit as little as possible!

The Big Con (Mighty Yell Studios) (Console and PC)-August 31, 2021
As an out-of-control young liar, he wandered around the United States in the 1990s. In this adventure full of comedy crime, you can choose how to scratch while disguising, pickpocketing and pickpocketing others. Experience the glory of all grids and public phones in the 90s!

The following is a complete list of games displayed at today’s event:
• Aeon Drive (2awesome Studios)
• Anvil (action square)
• Aragami 2 (Lince Works) – Coming to Xbox Game Pass
• Button City (Subconscious)
• Evil Genius 2 (Rebellion Interactive) – Coming to Xbox Game Pass
• Ink (Byte Dance)
• Inkulinati (Yaza Game)
• White Mouse (Stupid Team)
• Ruins Library (Moon Project) – Coming to Xbox Game Pass
• Loot River (Straka Studio)
• Crazy street (craft shop art)
• OlliOlli World (Private Record Company)
• Pioneer’s Wrath of Righteousness (Owl)
• Planet Lana (as wished)
• Wing Man Project (Meowza Games)
• Pupparazzi (Kitfox Games) – Coming to Xbox Game Pass
• RPG time (Deskworks)
• Sable (shed)
• Sam & Max Save the World Remastered (Skunkape Games)
• She dreams elsewhere (Studio Zevere)
• The State of Comfort (Vivid Foundry)
• Soup Pot (Chikon Club)
• The distant space line (coffee)
• Stardew Valley (Melancholic Ape)—— Coming to Xbox Game Pass
• The Big Scam (Mighty Yell Studios)
• Valley: Shadow of the Crown (Squirrel)
• Wandering Village (Wandering Fawn)

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