Writer’s Note: The previous diary entry is moving away from the big spoiler in Fatamorgana’s house, but this is not the case as it is difficult to talk about the subject without details. be careful!

As a content warning, the topics discussed in this article include trauma, gender, abuse, and emergence.

Finally, note that this is not a review. This is the last entry in the four-part game diary. Before reviewA short series that allowed you to really dig deeper into the theme of the game, which won so many 10/10 reviews. Scored 100 out of 100 in Metacritic For a while..

For those who still want to know more about Fatamorgana: Welcome to the last entry …

Fata Morgana House 7

I did it..

Completed the Fata Morgana house.

It took more than 40 hours in four months to see the end of this vast and intertwined time hopping story. Sure, the DLC isn’t complete yet, but to be honest, after playing this game for four months, I think I’m tired of reading whenever I have time. I’m thinking of getting an award. The closing of Fata Morgana feels as monumental as getting my three-year degree.I am Strange woman..

This is what I like most about Fatamorgana: I’m not sure if I’ve ever played a game that knows all the characters well

At the end of the main story (including epilogue, another epilogue, prologue), there is one thing I like most about Fata Morgana. I don’t know if I’ve played a game that knows all the characters. This too. I know them better than my mother.Better than them therapist, Flat. I have seen their ugliest part, their hidden hearts, their desires and fears. I know why they are ticking.This can only be achieved by stunning writing, and that’s exactly what you find in Fatamorgana — yes, there is Many Writing, but almost all of it was gripping and gorgeous.

At first, all characters are very unlikely. I hated Mel, who has a weak will, and his disgusting sister, Nelly. I found that the cursed and miserable creature, Beast, was intriguing but terribly self-loathing. And a brilliant, short-sighted, power-hungry mogul, Jacopo, probably didn’t like him at all, except for his lovely coat.

Even at the end of the story, Jacopo is pretty unforgivable. DLC will try to redeem him at least a little more
Even at the end of the story, Jacopo is pretty unforgivable. DLC will try to redeem him at least a little more

It was the White Haired Girl that was woven into all these stories. The White Haired Girl was a kind but ultimately pathetic girl who could walk around her and eventually suffer. I got angry with her. Would you like to stand up for yourself? Would you like to yell at someone? How can you consistently obey this to people who do not deserve your respect or kindness?

Well, I got the answer towards the end of the mirage. Actually, I got a lot of answers at once, and I was overwhelmed and a little confused, but now I think I’m all honest. The answer is, as you see, as you could have guessed from my last diary entry. trauma..

Fata Morgana House 9

I said earlier in this work that I knew these characters better than their own therapists, but the fact of the matter is that none of them are there. Have got Therapists — Probably because most of the medicine in their time consisted of “I don’t know, try bleeding again”.Good old psychoanalysis probably solved all The problem presented in the story, but the purgatory mansion of time travel, would have to be.

Oddly enough, it reminds me of the fairy tales I read when I was little in a book full of strange stories.It’s a kid with missing teeth, wrapped in shiny paper until it’s the size of a beach ball, but when the ball is reopened, the teeth are lost..

The trauma is a bit like its teeth. It’s a small ulcer in your heart, and when you try to wrap it, it leaves ridges and lumps that rub against the hearts of others and hurt them. Sometimes everything in the center of the ball melts on its own, but the lump is still there. These lumps are coping mechanisms — learned behaviors that affect how we interact with others and the world as a whole. Lumps are ultimately important. Not the trauma at the heart of all that.

Fata Morgana House 16

If your trauma is about feeling helpless and helpless, you many Rich and powerful, and even if you do it to ensure that your loved ones never suffer as you did, you seek more wealth and strength from them. You may end up ignoring it. If your trauma betrays your trust, you may never be trusted — even those who deserve it can heal you.

It’s Fata Morgana in a nutshell: unpacking the ball of its teeth, dealing with the lumps that occur, and calming the parties because it’s a painful process. Mirage is an emotional operation and is not always delicate about it. But in the end, I didn’t want to do anything other than dig in immediately with a scalpel and remove all the wounds.

Fata Morgana House 5

It’s a great proof of writing how far away from the rocky repetition of the first few hours. At first I really hated almost every character, but at the end I wanted to hug every character. They felt almost real — deeply flawed people with complex emotions and relationships, and great features that made them all incredibly believable.

Get ready for a big spoiler right now You have been warned.

The best of all those characters are the ones you won’t even meet until the second half of the game.Michelle, Gisele and Morgana are the actual triple stars behind you think Is a trifecta (Mel, Vestia, Jacopo), and it is the tension between these three that does so in the second half of Fatamorgana. Grip..

Each of them comes from tragedy and each treats it differently. Michelle turns inward and pushes everyone away to avoid the pain of love and loss. Gisele is sunny and affectionate, but afraid to hide her pain deep in her heart and show her to someone for fear of spurring her and treating her as a “damaged item”. There is. Arguably the most suffering part of Morgana is the part that puts up everything like a saint, thinks it’s his duty, hurt him over and over again, destroys his senses to the point of being almost irreparable, and seeks revenge.

Fata Morgana House 10

Michelle, Gisele and Morgana are all invisiblely united by their nature. Each is reaching its limits in an important way. Giselle and Morgana come from poverty, both are women and have been treated poorly many times by men who try to use them as objects. Throughout the game, they will find their power, but it will take a long time to overcome what others have given them.

Michelle, who slowly transforms from a cold, unfriendly, forbidden man to a soft, warm but awkward loved one, is easily my favorite. His dialogue and history make up most of the flesh behind Fatamorgana. Michelle was born intersex in the early 1000s. His story is brutal, cruel and dark, as his mother tries to deny him and his previous romance tortures and insults him. However, Michelle’s existence and identity are not treated as a freak show or a shocking twist. Instead, I see him, Gisele, and Morgana treating each other delicately, carefully, and kindly.

Fata Morgana House 15

Mirage is about choosing a family and transitioning to a kind of happiness that comes after complete despair.It’s not “miserable porn” and you won’t fall into despair

In real life, this is exactly what the queer community does. They united and terrible The pain and trauma of their lives: family asylum, isolation, illness, rejection, fear, and denial are all common experiences. But in my experience, the people who emerge from it are ready to form a chosen family that is as kind and fierce as a mother bird, and perhaps (but not necessarily) rejected. I am determined to be done.

Mirage is about choosing a family and transitioning to a kind of happiness that comes after complete despair. It’s not “miserable pornography” and you won’t fall into despair. Instead, it aims to keep moving forward, whether the flow is against you or the journey is difficult.Michelle’s story is not about his identity or trauma, but about how he heals and finds. belong to..I have never seen the story of gender identity and queenes told with such caution and love detail Previous. For all the supernatural strangeness that swirls around the mirage, it’s a story about people — messy, incomplete, but ultimately good people trying to do the right thing and try to understand themselves. is.

Fata Morgana House 13

In line with that theme, slowly and more slowly than ever before, it turns out that the “bad guys” (Mel, Bestia, Jacopo) also come from tragedy. But their tragedy is primarily self-harm. If Michelle, Gisele, and Morgana are used and abused by others, the three men will instead be thwarted by their fatal flaws and injure others with fallout. Happiness is right there, but nevertheless, happiness goes out of their grasp because they are willing to leave themselves vulnerable. Of course, they also get their own happy ending, but not after being disciplined for abuse of others.

But, as I said, it’s all packed into fast-paced, action-filled chapters and a 40-hour story that travels between periods of slow, sometimes annoying downtime. It’s just … good bye.. We have a lot.Sometimes it works in an advantageous way — after all, if the tension is 20 hours long, the tensioned, pulled out rebir is a stronger hit — but in many cases, especially completely Misery and despair in the story (you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, and you can’t tell a story about post-traumatic healing without trauma), it’s a little tiring You may.

Fata Morgana House 2

As such, mirages are a lot like therapy. You would expect it to be relatively easy, but by the third hour you will regret your decision to start. By the 10th hour, you’ll probably understand everything, but only to make a huge discovery that will bring you back to one of the squares. When you finally reach a satisfying ending, you will find that treatment is to relive and revisit the worst parts of your life to finally get past them.

Mirage is a difficult game to play and is often a daunting task. But like therapy, it’s all worth it in the end — and you’ll then come out of the raw, but new.