Friday, September 17th, 2021

Humankind launches the first day of Xbox Game Pass for PC

Many of you spied on gameplay during the closed beta last month, and I’m happy to announce Humanity, 4X strategy game from Amplitude Studios and Sega, Will be available via Xbox Game Pass on the first day of PC!

Humanity It is the fusion of culture, history and values ​​that allows you to create a civilization as unique as you. When you set out to leave the greatest mark on the world, you will rewrite the entire narrative of human history from the humble beginnings of the Neolithic Age (…without pressure).

It’s not just history, it’s Your story.

In order to create your unique civilization, combine 60 historical cultures from ancient to modern times. Each of these cultures will bring a unique level and create near-infinite results. You will further customize your civilization through every action you complete and the moral choices you make. Everything you do will build your reputation, and the most famous player will win the game.

Show off your strategic skills in in-depth tactical battles, make scientific breakthroughs and build a huge empire. You need to decide what kind of civilization you will shape and plan a strategy to leave the deepest mark in the world.

So, how far will you push Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate members Humanity?