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How to get the fabulous spear Gae Bolg-Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wiki Guide

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“Snake Charge” is the second-to-last (second-to-last) story mission in the Druid’s Fury DLC. This is the only time the oak tree (The Oak) can kill the head of the Danu. Check out the “Snake Rush” guide in our “Druid’s Wrath” walkthrough.

mission accomplished Danu’s children

You must destroy all 10 children of Danu to unlock the mission AmberSun. After completing the story task Blood Potion, you can use Danu’s child task. You can kill most of Danu’s children without performing any other tasks. However, you will not be able to complete Danu’s child mission until you kill the oak tree in the mission “Snake’s Wash”. Please check Danu’s Children-Location and Guide page to find and kill all Danu’s children in the fastest way!

Sun Amber-Return to Deirdre

After killing all the children of Danu and collecting 10 amber bloody shards, the mission AmberSun can be unlocked. To start the mission, give 10 fragments to Deirdre at her home in Asfinn. Deirdre will use fragments to create special potions that will allow you to fight Balor. However, you don’t have to fight Balor right away. Deirdre will ask if you are ready to fight. If you choose no, you can return to Asfinn later and talk to Deirdre again when you are ready to start the battle.

Beat Barlow


Balor, champion of the Fomorians, is said to be the embodiment of the power of the sun itself. He killed all those who challenged him and remained unbeaten. With the help of the fabulous spear Gae Bolg, Cu Chulainn was able to wound Balor before he died. The spear Gae Bolg still pierced Balor’s back. Eivor can try to defeat Balor to obtain weapons.

Balor’s power level is 469! He was big, wielding a sword as big as him. His size will not affect his speed. He is still super fast and can quickly fly across the stage. Keep Balor locked. His great sword also made him have to make a big clockwork before using it. Take advantage of this!

Don’t bother to stop or parry. Most of Balor’s attacks will even bulldozer with heavy shields, so please don’t use shields. Give priority to the lack of a shield, which is to double use another weapon in your second hand, or leave it empty to maximize speed. The best defense against Balor is to dodge and avoid his attacks. Wait until he misses you before hitting him. The brush skill with death is super useful here. If you dodge before the attack is about to fall, it will temporarily shorten the time.

notes: Ballor sniffed at the angry talk as the sun, but Without his attack can burn you to death. Not only that, you can also use fire attacks (such as runes or the ability to light weapons) to burn him to death! He is also prone to poisoning. During the battle, poison and gunpowder are a good way to destroy his health.

Undisguised Balor

Once you have exhausted a quarter of Balor’s health, he will take off his mask and increase his attack. His sword can launch magical attacks. These come in two forms. One is the big circle around Balor, and the other is the straight sword slash in the arena. The area they will affect will glow! When you see these coming, just avoid it!

He will also shoot a beam of light from his face for a few seconds. He will chase you. The stone pillars in this area will not provide you with too much coverage, because the beam will quickly destroy them. Your best defense here is to dodge and move on. After he stops, you can attack again.

After removing his mask, you can use your bow and arrow to see Balor’s three weaknesses. Shooting three of them at the same time will give you a small time for a stun attack, which will cause a certain degree of damage. You don’t need to fight these weaknesses to defeat Balor. They are just other weaknesses that you can use to destroy him. Three weaknesses are on the top: his back (where the spear is), his left knee and right elbow!

After defeating Balor, you will get Gae Bolg! After hitting 3 enemies in a row, it will produce lightning-like shock! This will cause a lot of stun damage! Even if you hit the enemy’s shield, consecutive hits are counted! After receiving the weapon, talk to Deirdre to complete the Amber Sun mission!