Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

How the Union works with Epic to awaken the Matrix on the Xbox Series X | S

In a surprise announcement at The Game Awards yesterday, Epic Games revealed: Matrix Awakening: Unrealistic Engine 5 ExperienceThe new playable Unreal Engine 5 technical demo is available to all Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users. Created in collaboration with other teams by members of the original “Matrix” film teams such as LanaWachowski, James McTeigue, and John Gaeta For both Epic Games and partners, this experience is an interactive story created in Unreal Engine 5. Get a glimpse of what telling and entertainment will look like in the future.

One of those partners was The Coalition, the studio behind the Gears series. They have been working with Unreal Engine for many years. With that experience under their collective belt, the team set out to support the development of the project. While Epic was creating the demo, The Coalition worked with Epic on UE4 support for the Xbox Series X to help improve and optimize the vision.

“When the new console was announced in March 2020, we worked with Epic on the first Unreal Engine 4 support for the Xbox Series X,” said Kate Rayner, Studio Technical Director at The Coalition. “Later, we shipped a native update to Gears 5 on the Xbox Series X | S, which added visual enhancements such as SSGI, improved material and texture details, and 4k real-time cinematics at 60 fps. Pushed to, multiplayer now supports 120FPS performance mode .. Learned how to optimize its hardware for better visuals and performance. “

When Epic contacted in 2021, The Coalition had been working with Unreal Engine 5’s “Early Access” for almost a year. The team worked together to provide Epic with feedback on their experience with UE5. This helped drive UE5, especially on the Xbox Series X | S and Windows PCs. With a track record of creating games that are a technical showcase for Unreal and Xbox, as well as collaboration and early experience with UE5, The Coalition is well-positioned to help optimize and refine. Matrix Awakening: Unrealistic Engine 5 Experience With epic.

So what exactly did The Coalition’s team do? Their main focus was on memory and performance optimization to take full advantage of both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. The experience features an incredibly large and dense world with an incredible amount of content, so the first step was to optimize memory. .. In that area, in collaboration with Epic, the demo assets are set to take full advantage of virtual texture streaming and nanite as much as possible, especially the Xbox Series S’s internal memory system, where everything fits in memory. I did it.

Matrix Awakening: Unrealistic Engine 5 Experience

In terms of performance optimization, the team has made some thread improvements to improve CPU core utilization. We’ve also optimized Xbox raytracing to improve performance by about 0.5ms. Finally, we enabled Vertical Sync tuning to ensure a stable FPS throughout the experience.

With this focus, the Xbox Series S version has all of the same UE5 features (with different qualities) as the Xbox Series X, including but not limited to raytracing reflections and raytracing shadows. No matter what platform you experience it on, you are looking for visual enjoyment.

“Unreal Engine 5 has been improving from the” Early Access “version over the past few months, both in terms of performance and quality. Matrix Awakening: Unrealistic Engine 5 Experience This is a great example of how all UE5 systems work together to create a special and remarkable next-generation product, “says Rayner. “Above all, I’m really excited about the potential of shadow and lumen ray tracing, the massive Nanite with virtual shadow maps, and the new world partition system that connects them all. These technological advances make us a gamer. But there has never been a better time. “