Monday, September 20th, 2021

How San Diego Studio created a place of dreams in MLB The Show 21

As the Major League Baseball season heats up and teams compete for playoff seats, we take a break to celebrate smaller things, especially the baseball stadium in Cornfield, Iowa, because the dream stadium is added to MLB show 21 On Tuesday, August 10, all players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles can update the content for free.

Check out the San Diego Studio’s design log below to learn more about the development process!

With the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox climbing diamonds in the cornfields of Iowa this week, you can also set foot on the court with this update and realize your dreams. The San Diego Studio team worked closely with the on-site architects and MLB to accurately replicate this unique field.We did not just add this iconic stadium to MLB show 21, But we have a full week of live content dedicated to “Dream Land”.

Reconstruction of Iowa’s most famous cornfields, including MLB show 21 It’s a great opportunity to show what makes this game unique and why we like baseball.

Since Major League Baseball will come to Iowa in August this year, we thought, why can’t we? At the beginning of this year, we received artworks that will help us build a stadium to pay tribute to the famous Dream Field in rural Iowa. I remember watching this movie with my father in 1989, thinking about how exciting it would be to perform here. When there is a chance that this new stadium will be adjacent to the most famous cornfield in Iowa, I think this may be the only opportunity for fans to experience this, so we must do this well.

Recreating the place of dreams is not a trivial matter for us, so we need to be very smooth in the construction process. We started to list all the elements in the stadium, these elements will be unique representatives of this famous venue, such as corn. We were able to start designing light structure locations, seating areas and general environments. One of the more important technically important things in a stadium is the size of the field. This rendering is a good start, but it is far from the basic information we need to create the real performance required by this stadium.

Then we received the first detailed layout of the stadium, which was crucial for our team to start production. For the stands, although we do not have the exact size available, our team has been designing stadiums for a long time, and we feel that we are very clear about their actual appearance.

MLB show 21

After designing the size of the stadium, we saw the stadium for the first time during construction. With reference materials, it is up to the artist to create the details and bring the stadium to life from here. Since the construction of the stadium in Iowa has not yet been completed, our designers need to study the previous construction projects of the builder to produce all the details that can create a realistic stadium interior. Ultimately, our designer’s goal is to create a playable in-game replica that will give “Dream Land” the respect it deserves and make us, fans and players proud.

We hope you enjoy playing in your dreams, just as we like to design it. Hit home runs, throw no hits, and immerse yourself in the glory of corn.If you haven’t had a chance to try MLB show 21, Now is a great opportunity.

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