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How RockLove CEO Uses Old World Jewelery Techniques for Star Wars and Marvel Collaboration

Allison Shimino RockLove jewelry I didn’t mean to be a jewelry designer. Not to mention designers who collaborate with some of the most popular franchises in entertainment and games such as Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and Elderscroll. But after she studied abroad as an apprentice in Florence, Italy, it fit naturally.

“Licensing wasn’t just a small idea,” says Cimino. “I thought boutique jewelery was a way and everyone was doing it.”

After collaborating with artists and writers, Star Trek’s attention came in collaboration with Hellraiser’s author, Clive Barker. CBS then asked if RockLove would like to create a Star Trek collection in 2014. This collection also contained other properties that Cimino could create.

“That’s why we’ve arrived at a historic jewelery niche such as the Vikings, Penny Dreadful, and Twin Peaks on the History Channel. It was in history, fantasy, or science fiction. And again with video games. The collaboration was all these wonderful relics that can be clearly expressed, “said Cimino.

RockLove Jewelry CEO and designer Allison Cimino. Photo courtesy of RockLoveJewelry

Cimino uses ancient techniques with a very laborious but high quality process for all RockLove jewelery and is known for the complex and clear details contained in her designs.

Modern historic jewelry method

“In Old World jewelery technology, many jewelery pieces are handmade in the first place. I especially use the lost wax casting method, which means that after completing this original, we use molds and casting processes to create multiples. From wax injection to metal injection, polishing and finishing, it’s done by hand, ”explains Cimino.

“And the geeky element I want to do isn’t necessarily recognized by many, but it’s just a personal jeweler’s calling card and this level of articulation. Edward and Victorian. There were many pieces of jewelery known as mechanical jewelery, so there were rockets and things that opened, turned over, and rotated. “

Cimino explained that this historic technology declined as the world began mass-producing jewelry. That’s why she loves to bring it back to today’s world. “It’s more like engineering than design. Fast fashion demographics, where you can throw resin shellac paint over it and call it a day, show premium hard enamel with glossy transparency underneath. Needed. This is part of the story. “

From small articulated legs hanging on Star Wars droids to spinning Doctor Strange and frozen rings, necklaces from Mama Coco’s favorite songs to coco guitar rockets with notes, Cimino finds ways to incorporate as many joints as possible. increase. “These little touches tell the story, but we also agree with hundreds of years of jewelery craftsmanship,” says Cimino.

RockLove Jewelery Pokemon Collection Revealed

Recommended catch’every day

RockLove has revealed that its latest collection is a new Pokemon collaboration to commemorate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. RockLove’s current Pokemon collection is primarily made up of 3D fan’s favorite characters, and the new line aims to complement what fans may already have in the collection. .. The new work focuses on custom crystals rather than characters, and the iconic Pokeball is the minimalist focus.

The new Pokemon collection includes Crystal Pokeball Dangle Earrings ($ 115 USD), Crystal Pokeball Necklaces ($ 99 USD), Crystal Pokeball Rings ($ 99 USD), and Crystal Pokeball Stud Earrings ($ 85 USD). increase.

“It’s like telling a reinterpreted story,” Cimino said. “Maybe this is the Pokeball that catches the character. Maybe this is the Pokeball that the character normally lives in. It’s free to interpret, but it’s not just the iconography. It’s the way Pokeball and Pokemon interact and the story. It will be revealed by telling. “

RockLove jewelry crystal pocket ball stud earrings.Photo courtesy of Rock Love Jewelery

RockLove jewelry crystal pocket ball stud earrings.Photo courtesy of Rock Love Jewelery

Cooperation between Marvel and Disney

After years of demonstrating the high quality, authentic design that Cimino can create, RockLove is basically ready for any franchise of interest. However, it does not happen overnight and usually takes at least a year from start to finish.

When working in studios such as Disney Animation, Pixar, and Marvel, the studios often share access to props within the team only in Cimino before the release, creating a piece from a small glance at the show. ..Or a movie – etc. Wandavision – This is why the RockLove collection will later be expanded as a premiere of more episodes and movies.

“It’s always very limited because they don’t want to spoil the magic, and even those who work on it can only see a small part of the big picture,” Cimino said.

“Great things Loki episode It’s inspirational and I didn’t know it before, “Cimino explained. “So now I’m sketching my proposal and starting the whole process of sculpture and process, but I got inspired at the same moment that everyone else got inspired and went to Disney Plus. I’m watching an episode that drops, so in that case I’m really excited about something new, and that’s probably why something will be released six months later. ”

One of the things that is continuously expanding in the collection is Rock Love Star Wars Line, The original trilogy, the sequel trilogy, the special Ahsoka Tano collection, the recent Kyber Crystal collection featuring the character’s lightsaber (scheduled for release in 2022), and a mix of Mandalorian’s favorite characters and props. I am.

Cimino created Meditation child necklace After watching the Mandalorian episode with everyone else when it was released on Disney +. “At that very place, I saw an episode of him meditating on a rock and was internally pressured to make it as jewelry, otherwise life wouldn’t last. And 6? A month later, a meditation kid came out and my creative life cycle was completed, “said Cimino.

Rock Love for industry inclusiveness

“The term” rock love “is derived from the types of music and circus industry. Two artists who respect each other and inspire each other create new art together, “Cimino explains. “That is, you can be a dancer, a musician, a painting artist, another kind of figurative performer or storyteller. And you can be your rock love. And, with your artistic talent, unite and inspire to create something better together. That was Rock Love. “

RockLove’s view is that jewelery is compatible with all different body shapes, without being constrained by any particular body or gender. “It’s just about your style,” Cimino said. It doesn’t matter what your body size is or your gender identity. If you feel you can rock it, we just want to make sure we’re making the size that fits as many people as possible. “

In terms of working as a woman in the industry, Cimino said she is proud of how involved women are in the licensing industry. “One of the things I’m really excited about and proud of is that the licensing industry is very involved with women. Now they aren’t necessarily CEOs, owners and presidents. But the management team up to VP level people in the consumer products industry is that the majority of the people I work with are women. “

Marvel x Rock Love Doctor Strange Collection: (Role) Model Gallery

“Even in the consumer product aspect of video games, the male-centric industry is doubling. Businesses in this category have truly creative, amazing, organized and talented women. I definitely want to remain part of it and guide other women in the industry so that licenses can stand on top as a safe place for creative and talented women in business. I think, “said Cimino.

RockLove works with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering X Rock Labrain, Cimino has confirmed that new works will be added to the collection in the new year. In addition, she revealed to IGN that the Dungeons & Dragons license has been added and the team is creating a large number of Dungeons & Dragons XRock Love designs that will debut in 2022.

For more information on past Rock Love collections, see Star Wars in SDCC Collaboration, Rock Love’s Doctor Strange Collection, and a recent interview with Cimino on the Ahsoka Tano Star Wars line.

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