Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

How many hours is a “short” game for you?

Image: Nintendo Life

There was a time when all video games wanted to be endless.

In the old days, we saved all our pocket money, and after weeks or months of scrutiny, we only wisely invested in very good games.Review consulting, collation, and perhaps borrowing or borrowing from friends Absolutely certain We didn’t buy turkey. When you calm down and finally start playing, nothing else to play means that the last drop of software fun is narrowed down, good or bad, and humans experience it for as long as possible. It meant being able to do it. ..

Of course, I’m old now, but vice versa. Disposable income has increased. Not many, but enough to buy a video game without waiting for a birthday or Christmas. But these days, we’re so short of time that so many games are getting a lot of attention that we can’t get angry at the idea of ​​scratching the surface of a game that offers more features than we can manage. Especially for players who have much longer in their hands, with the subtle feeling that they are packed.

It’s coming to the point where we can’t get angry with the idea of ​​scratching the surface of a game that offers more than we can manage.

Don’t get me wrong — some games necessary Over 60 hours to talk about them, actually pull out the details, and explore the depths of their mechanics … but most of the time they never do.

For this writer, it’s the same with movies. Some movies can take more than three hours to tell a story, but brevity is also a real benefit, and 90 minutes of tight execution improves 90% of theatrical releases. Of course, the opinions about it are different — complaints to regular addresses — but in our opinion, so many movies and games can be done with the tightening of the time counting department.It would be nice not to have to consult How long do you beat Quite a lot, but here it is,

Metroid Dread received almost universal praise when it was released earlier this month, but noticed that online tweets were complaining about its length. There are clearly factors in the value proposition of a $ 60 game, but the value of $ 60 varies from person to person and is difficult to analyze.

Metroid dread
Image: Nintendo

For all accounts, the first playthrough of Metroid Dread takes 8-10 hours for the average player, but subsequent playthroughs are clearly much faster. For this writer, it’s a decent chunk of time. Sure, Animal Crossing: 280 hours logged on to New Horizons, or Breath of the Wild over the last four and a half years, is far from the 275 hours (or more) we’ve obviously done, but it’s complete. Great game length — far from a long game compared to these examples, but by no means “short” in our book.

I have an entire list dedicated to short Switch games, where I defined it as a game that can be completed once, perhaps twice. It takes 5 to 6 hours to push, but about 3 hours is a sweet spot. Beyond that, our measurements show that you are out of the “short game” category and into the old-fashioned “game” realm.

Or are you? Maybe our definition is all diagonal compared to public opinion! If you’re expecting to spend 40-60 hours in an average game, walking around the ZDR for 8 hours can be a bit of an experience. With that in mind, please vote for the votes below to let us know what you are eligible for as a short game.

Feel free to let us know your favorite short or slightly shorter games in the comments below. Or, if Kill Bill was three movies instead of just two, please elaborate on how it improved.