Friday, September 17th, 2021

How last fall, fringes and cracks changed Frostpunk’s visual image


  • Frost Punk Turn green: The last autumn, On the edge, with Rift Valley The extension is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.
  • Each expansion is full of new mechanisms, new buildings, and new dilemmas.
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Frost PunkThe city construction survival simulation game from 11 studios will see the arrival of three expansion packs in the Xbox store today (July 21). When we considered additional content, we set two goals. Broaden the scope of knowledge, because we attach great importance to the narrative aspect of the game and provide new game mechanics. This approach allows all extensions to be distinguished not only from the base game, but also from each other.

Rift Valley A new map has been added for Endless Mode and Bridges. This is a new type of building that can collect scarred resources on the island. On the edge From the end of the basic game, the events after the storm are described. Here, the player alone undertakes the task of building and maintaining outposts far away from the city. Without generators, although the possibility of extracting resources from recently discovered military warehouses seems worth the risk, you are completely at the mercy and whims of New London. What happens if you disagree with all their requirements?

But the most complicated extension is The last autumn. Because we messed up the core visual elements of the base game, it felt like flipping the table.Green leaves replaced Baixue because we never thought Frost Punk Without it, it turns out to be more challenging than changing the weather.

In our team, we are making games that amplify design information through art.exist Frost Punk Art design has been used to establish the kind of coldness, ruthlessness, and obvious desolation that echoes in the events we portray. Lights and palettes, stylized parts of the UI, particles and even architectural forms-all these serve this purpose.Royal and steel shades of blue dominate Frost Punk The palette, all colors are cold and bleached. Every morning in the daily loop of the game is a glimmer of hope, so we made them a little different and exciting. But then minus 60 degrees appeared and everything returned to a very normal state. At the same time, in the book of law or story event screen, the black UI is splashed with water, similar to coal, after all, it is the main resource in the game, emphasizing the gloomy tone. Details such as dirt on buildings, frozen screen edges, and sharp debris floating in the air proved to be very useful for maintaining mood.

Frost Punk: Console Edition

Each of these aspects must work harmoniously, combined, and they did Frost Punk. That’s why the decision was made The last autumn The prequel story where the player supervises the construction of the generator in the main game is a huge leap forward for different types of things. It’s snowing, next to it is steampunk, Frost Punk Core visual recognition. Players see screenshots of the game and immediately recognize them, we are about to give up this component.At least in some ways The last autumn The story, because winter is an imminent threat, the delicate snowdrops begin to attack at some point.

As I mentioned before, in the main game development process, we never thought about “green” Frost Punk, But adjusting the color palette is just a small task. Most importantly, the entire environment, all 2D illustrations in the game, and all buildings must be adjusted to the “autumn” version. Reimagine, so to speak. In fact, the weather changes in the game rely on sophisticated smoke mirror tricks. The situation will change during the storm, but despite this, we still move in the winter. Because of this, snow removal, which seems no big deal, requires a lot of work. It’s like making it happen again, because we know what the result will be and we must also solve this problem.

Frost Punk: Console Edition

in conclusion, Frost Punk It is made by many custom systems, and in general, it is not as flexible as we hoped. Take the roof as an example. The red roof is well separated from the whole picture and the green terrain, but in the base game, we don’t have a roof at all in the building model because they are all covered in snow. Apart from snowdrifts, we also don’t have many terrain types, because we don’t need them at all.In addition, new types of buildings, such as ship docks, are landed and used as the main source of resources The last autumn, Must be faithful to the art style and visual structure of the game. Approaching the already paved visual identity does not mean limiting creativity. Knowing the boundaries of your game can stimulate it even more.That happened The last autumn We think this is a great achievement in the art department of 11 studios.

All three Frost Punk The extension is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The last autumn, On the edge, with Rift Valley Can be used alone or bundled with the season pass.

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Cities must survive to provide players with complex strategic challenges and rich narratives, including alternative perspectives on the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Frostpunk weaves a story about how our planet mysteriously froze, ending the civilization as we know it and forcing mankind Race to adapt to harsh conditions. As the leader of the last possible civilized society on earth, you will build cities where survivors live, discover new technologies, explore frozen wastelands, and most importantly, manage and rule society, and prepare to live in a ruthless world . Whether you are an enlightened ruler or an iron-fisted tyrant, you will find that the choices in this world are not as easy as they seem, and the cost of mastering power is as heavy as the responsibility you feel to care for them.

Frost Punk: Season Pass

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The official season pass of Frostpunk has been released and completed! It allows you to access all the other content released for the game since its premiere, including three expansions (Last Fall, Edge, and Rift), which broadly broaden the main story and fill many gaps in the game world. About the expansion of The Last Autumn The Last Autumn is a turning point in the Frostpunk universe. Revealing the uneasy events of Site 113 and its efforts to build the generator before the icy veil covers the earth, this prequel expansion broadens the Frostpunk universe by introducing new environments, new law books, and unique technologies, and showcases a series of new buildings—all These all allow you to shape society and cities in unconventional ways. Leading a group of engineers to work on one of the world’s greatest technological miracles-generators-needs to adjust your strategy to suit special circumstances. As the leader of Site 113, hope for the best, but also prepare for the worst. For the queen and the country! • Experience the prequel story that happened before the freezing catastrophe • Master a brand new law book that allows you to shape your society in an unprecedented way • Build new buildings • Discover unusual steam-powered technology • Apply more advanced strategies to survive • Delve into a beautiful new environment that has not been covered by snow. On The Edge On The Edge expansion tells the story of new Londoners being sent on special missions after a major storm. It not only opens a new chapter in the Frostpunk world, but also allows you to face new challenges, and provides unique mechanisms on the city and Frostland maps-further enriching the core experience. A brand new, frozen chessboard is set and the pieces are moving. What is the future fate of your people? As their leader, what does this mean to you? Shaping the future of mankind in the last chapter of Frostpunk-On The Edge. • A brand-new story scene, set after a big storm • Overcoming a series of challenges on a new desolate map • The unique mechanism used in the Frostland view The Rifts Experience new challenges on the new endless mode map, where the land itself threatens Your survival. Use new game mechanics to bridge the cracks to enter new areas. Expand the city to save your people from the inevitable bad luck! • Unique new endless mode map • New buildable buildings • New game mechanics