Saturday, June 12th, 2021

How “Battlefield 2042” created a multiplayer game for single fans

“Battlefield 2042” brings players into the near future, living in a world ravaged by the worst refugee crisis known to mankind. In this world space, players will become Non-Patriated, or Non-Pats for short. Non-patriots are farmers, engineers, soldiers-they are survivors, they are soldiers who do not fight for the banner. They fight for the future of the known world. Although experts who are ready to fight are part of it, it is not so much a military regime as it is fighting for what is right. An interesting spin, but still using high-tech military equipment.

2042 does something different for this generation, avoiding the usual single-player and multiplayer components, and instead provides players with a mixed experience. When I first learned that there was no single player game, I was frustrated, but the more I learned about 2042, the more I understood the vision of this new game. On the online side of the equation, DICE pushed the shooting game to its limit by increasing the number of players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC to 128. The number of PS4 and Xbox One players was reduced to 64 to maintain the experience, but the studio promised that the reduction in the number of players will not affect the overall style and feel of the game.

For those who worry that Battlefield 2042 is just a multiplayer experience, there is some good news. DICE guarantee Game informant The decision to do something different does not mean alienating fans. The map and the new mode are special and mean that everyone can enjoy it. For those who want to play a new battlefield but may not have similar interests, each map and mode will provide options to play against AI. The same fun, less stress, less trash. Hazza!

With more attention to multiplayer games, the core of “Battlefield 2042” contains three core experiences. Total War is the favorite conquest and breakthrough of the next generation of fans. Paired with the largest map in the history of the “Battlefield” series, “Total War” aims to bring freedom, fierce and pure chaos. Due to dynamic weather changes, constantly changing world events, and… oh yes, terrible tornadoes, this chaos intensifies to level 11.

Tornadoes, sandstorms, etc. will destroy the map when the player fights. DICE tells us that players can choose to avoid the path of the tornado or use its power to gain an advantage. No matter how you spin, kill a sniper with a huge natural disaster? If you ask me, it sounds very epic.

The second multiplayer experience is the danger zone. This aspect is about high risk and communicating with your team. This is a more modern experience of the battlefield experience, and it exists independently, completely different from a full-scale war.

The last aspect of the multiplayer experience is still a secret, and DICE will reveal more information in July this year. That being said, the studio did give us a cheeky smile when it said that long-time fans of this particular shooting game series would feel “home away from home”.

We will conduct a more in-depth analysis of “Battlefield 2042” later this week, so stay tuned!

“Battlefield 2042” will be available on all platforms on October 22.

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