Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Housemarque discovered Returnal’s $70 price tag at the same time as everyone else

For some gamers, adapting to the $70 price point of some next-generation games is an interesting challenge, including Housemarque’s Returnal developers.

according to Axios, Housemarque found that the pricing of Returnal was $70 at the same time as the general public.

Mikael Haveri, Marketing Director of Housemarque, shared how Returnal’s internal demonstrations continued to impress Sony, which funded the game. After the studio showed each demo to Sony, Hafrey said that Housemarque “gained more usability and could expand the scope and expand the scope of the game.”

These positive impressions prompted the continuous expansion of Returnal’s scope, and subsequently, it became one of the first games to sell for more than $60 in decades. The Housemarque team learned that Sony decided to set the price of most next-generation games at $70 in September 2020 “about the same time as the public.”

Housemarque’s early works, such as Resogun or Nex Machina, are often sold for $20 in the market due to their arcade games, which are relatively small compared to 3D Returnal.

Despite its long history, after announcing “arcade games are dead” in 2017, Housemarque is still focused on making Returnal a bigger game than previous games. Prior to this, Nex Machina’s sales were weak, which prompted Housemarque to get involved in the development of game consoles.

Housemarque reiterated in the interview that it is focused on bringing “new content and updates and fixes” to Returnal, citing known issues with corrupted save files and Returnal not allowing players to save during operations that may last several hours. Housemarque has repeatedly made it clear that they have listened to the opinions of fans, but it seems that the friendly solution is something that the studio continues to work hard and cannot commit to a specific timetable.

Despite these problems, Returnal seems to be a huge success for Housemarque, which previously suffered losses due to poor sales of previous games. Housemarque told Axios that the studio can now accommodate 85 people, “so we are now bigger than ever.”

If you are worried that this might change some of the core principles of Housemarque games, the studio wants fans to relax. Haveri said: “Arcade games are the core purpose of all our games. In terms of gameplay, this is exactly why we will bring us new games.”

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Joseph Knoop is a writer for IGN.