Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Hot Wheels Unleashed Review-IGN

Perhaps best described as a tiny burnout and a head-on collision with a small trackmania turbo, Hot Wheels Unleashed is a pleasing and absolutely noteworthy adorable arcade stunt tracer. The developer’s milestone is one-64th of the usual race, as the truck is creatively woven in a luxuriously detailed life-size environment and flooded with a catalog of cars spilling straight from a toy bucket. The decision to double the brand was a huge success.

Very accessible, yet packed with advanced techniques, demonic shortcuts, and creative tools to master, Hot Wheels Unleashed is the best, most customizable I’ve played for at least 10 years. One of the most imaginative arcade racers.

Hot Wheels Unleashed recreates the world’s most popular die-cast car on a real scale, in a barn-sized basketball or boombox-sized boombox environment. This makes Hot Wheels Unleashed more consistent with pint-sized peers such as the 1998 Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver and the 2007 Hot Wheels Beat That. In contrast to unexploded ordnance with no style like Hot Wheels Turbo Racing or Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver, it just makes the toy super-sized like a regular car.

Staying small was a great choice, and not just because the atmosphere is endlessly more attractive on a toy scale. The 1: 1 recreation of Hot Wheels cars here is usually nothing more than spectacular.

The 1: 1 recreation of Hot Wheels cars here is usually nothing more than spectacular.


The world meets toys

The range is a more recent model, or at least a recent version of a classic casting like the iconic Twin Mill, and even the quirky one of the first 16 cars Hot Wheels has ever made. Leaning towards the 50th anniversary version of Dodge Deora. There are several real cars mixed in, and I think it’s perfect for people who aren’t big fans of cars that look like huge hamburgers and have a wide variety. But a small selection of movies and TV cars is easily my favorite, and I unlocked it so I don’t think I’ll be racing a lot other than Back to the Future Delorean. ..

By finishing the campaign, we were able to get some of the ultra-rare original models selected by Milestone. However, there are still quite a few cars to unlock. Unlocking is slower because cars can only be purchased in à la carte, selected from five random models that spin every four hours of play, not in real time. It just feels too long. Sleep is the only thing we want our children to do for four hours. The remaining option is to win or buy a blind box (thankfully, it can only be purchased in in-game currency) and try something else. Of course, the last time I saved these mountains, I opened four of the same cars in a few minutes, but I was very dissatisfied.

That said, the car model itself is simply gorgeous, and everything we’ve collected so far is a faithful reproduction of the miniatures they represent due to the difference in texture between plastic and lacquered metal parts. The delicate mold line left in the assembly process. Wide range of paint finish. The text engraved under the chassis will include the model name and year of manufacture. I’m still just spinning them and noticing that they’re stuck on my truck depending on how nice they look.

It’s as impressive as it’s out of the box and ready to use, but it looks even better once the door handle-to-door handle action is on track. Here they really start to look like toy cars scattered around my youngest room. At the request of the 7-year-old overlord of the car, he was chipped, scratched, and played. Most striking is that the damage is not applied unknowingly or randomly. The car loses the paint on the fragile corners and raised edges correctly, the large flat surfaces show faint scratches, black plastic appears under the silver coating, and the printed tampo is partially scraped off. Under proper light, you can see child-sized fingerprints, especially on the windshield. Even plastic tires ring in a gouge like a pristine Hot Wheels car picks up after an afternoon hitting the pavement. Milestone’s success in making the car look very reliable is a big part of what makes Hot Wheels Unleashed so much fun to play.

Milestone’s success in making the car look very reliable is a big part of what makes Hot Wheels Unleashed so much fun to play.


This tremendous level of detail extends to the environment itself, from scratches and etched surfaces on iconic soft plastic trucks to prosperity that is barely noticeable like bubbles under a rushed guardrail sticker. increase. The background is also wonderful, especially the vast cityscape buried in the clouds surrounding the construction site.

Especially selling are excellent lights that are regularly supplied by multiple light sources around each map, such as jukebox neon lights, cheeky fluorescent lights, and the bright sun itself. Lighting very well fixes the car to the environment.

The level of detail seems to speak of a volume about how deeply everything is considered here, and all combine to create a very reliable miniature world. It can be a bit tricky to speed up, but it includes a great camera mode for a closer look at everything. My only problem with the camera is that it seems to be tied to the truck rather than the horizon. So whenever my car was racing upside down or vertically, the camera axis was confused and it was a bit of a brain to adjust it to find the shot-breaking the movement.

Pedal to Mattel

“Okay, Luke” You’re probably saying. “It’s drawn to the heartstrings of a cute and loyal Hot Wheels. But how does it work?” Fairness! And you were probably waiting for the other shoes to fall … but to my surprise, Hot Wheels Unleashed actually handles it very well. The typical brake-to-drift race of the arcade is intuitive and easy to pick up, but its air control hides many nuances. Once mastered, or at least moderately tamed, air controls can be used to find sneaky shortcuts, navigate enemies, and jump in the wrong direction. Boosts build nicely and quickly, but the higher the car’s core stats, the less boosts you have at your disposal. This creates an interesting balancing act, as choosing an overall weaker car will give you more boost to make up for it. Personally, I prefer to upgrade my car as high as possible and work with less boost. Because I think this method is faster … I think.

There are four levels of AI, the slowest being very tolerant of mistakes and seemingly a good starting point for young and inexperienced people. Medium turned out to be an amazing jump for kids in my home-it’s far less forgiving and they often find it difficult to catch a puck even after a single respawn- But that was far more satisfying to me. Hard and above really need an upgraded car.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Screen (Nintendo Direct, from September 2021)

Trucks range from simple to highly technical, but the overall design of the truck is excellent. Built with hot wheels track curves and twist stretches, but linked to segments of the environment itself. One moment power slides through orange plastic and the next moves across benches, vents, shelves, and the floor itself. There is a small cone on the side. Especially impressive is the use of all axes. Magnetic tracks allow vertical ascent and descent, as well as racing across the roof. So while the six maps don’t sound like much on paper, in reality, Hot Wheels Unleashed has most kids, how they use each level of layers, and every corner they contain. Keeps you fresh for a while. Friendly campaign.

Some of the later time trials force you to look for really high-risk shortcuts.


Every event has a low-end goal of rewarding what it achieves and allowing it to continue, but it has a stricter goal for completionists. In some of the subsequent time trials, we had to experiment and search for high-risk shortcuts. I can only speak anecdotally, but so far Hot Wheels Unleashed has done a good job of entertaining both children under the age of 10 and car geeks aged 40. Tracking or eliminating in a small police car, or just … something else. Currently, there are only races and time trials, and as a result, online options look barren. That said, my kids decided to play ad hoc brand tags on a split screen on the map floor. The split screen is for 2 people, unfortunately not 4 people, but it works very smoothly on the Xbox Series X and is very good.

If you get tired of the available tracks, Hot Wheels Unleashed has a very deep custom track editor that allows you to create and share your own tracks. It’s not just about clicking on preset corners and track lengths together. The track can be shortened, extended, tilted, twisted, curved, buckled, and raised or lowered anywhere as appropriate. It probably took me a whole day to understand the very complex tools, but after actually learning how to bend the editor on my own, creating the wrapped monster, Mt. Barf o Rama. Is done. Pass around and through almost all the furniture in the Hot Wheels-themed basement. We have great expectations for user-created tracks.