Monday, November 29th, 2021

Horror fries at a happy humble burger farm

Take the cooking apron and set the grill on fire. The shift will start soon. Cooking Sims clash with horror adventures in a truly memorable experience, Happy’s Hamburger Farm!!

In the shift, your duty is clear – make sandwiches, throw nuggets and french fries into oil, fill drinks, and serve customers.

But don’t take too long or make a mistake. Only three violations are allowed. The third mistake is the horrifying Happy the Humble Heifer, a twisted mutation of the restaurant mascot. Happiness demands perfection.


Outside the shift, your goal is to uncover the mystery of your own existence. When did you arrive in New Elysian City? Why do you work in this strange restaurant? Why are everyone so eerily quiet? What are those noises coming from other buildings in the city? Explore the city and find clues to what others have left behind, such as audio tapes and research papers.


Unfortunately, your only colleague and neighbor Toe doesn’t have the answer you’re looking for.

Will you survive this fast food fever dream? Or will you be another victim of the horrifying devil mascot creeping into restaurants and the city?

Scream shot

Players who exit Story Mode unlock “Endless Mode,” a non-distracting cooking sim. Players can also enjoy more than two hours of “talk radio” content jams, cameos, more than 60 short TV shows, and 14 full-length albums of music in the jukebox.

Pre-order early on Xbox and get 10% off the price of your game. (It will also be a happy humble heifer For real happy! Believe in us… you want to keep her happy …)

Xbox Live

Happy’s Hamburger Farm



$ 19.99

$ 17.99

Congratulations, you have been hired to work at night shift! You will be alone, but we believe you can handle it … you bake putty, manipulate fried foods, drinks in our quiet restaurant on the edge of town Pour or pour. Customers certainly love the menu. You can’t get enough of Happy’s Deluxe, Fantastic Fowl, and Poppin’Pork sandwiches. French fries and salmon nag are also big hits. In the near future, we’ll hear rumors about happy dogs and desserts! When each customer places an order, it’s up to you to plan and do it well. If you place the wrong order or take too long, it will be counted as a violation. If three of these breaches occur, well … just say Happy the Humble Heifer isn’t that much fun when the customer is upset. Don’t upset happily. Believe in us But hey, you’re okay! Unless you upset Happy, you will do great things! We believe in you!