The Horizon Forbidden West robot animal population takes advantage of ideas that were not achieved in the first game of the series, including various behaviors, abilities, and weaknesses.

In a new post Playstation blog, Guerrilla Games designers have revealed new details about various Horizon Forbidden West machine creatures. As new games open up new possibilities, the team wanted to explore new areas of the game and how different types of machines live in different ecological zones such as body of water.

“During the development of the Horizon Zero Dawn, I had a lot of ideas. Of course, not all were the first games, but with the Horizon Forbidden West, it wasn’t possible before. I was able to match some exciting ideas with the new ones. It’s an interesting concept. ”

The machine has different behavior patterns that alloys can use. For example, she can sneak up on a machine-kicked dust while digging resources as her cover. In addition, the Horizon Forbidden West machines are more mobile than ever before. They can jump, swim and grab the surface of the water. As such, Alloy has new tools for adapting to these new threats, such as smoke grenades and the ability to climb.

Of course, in addition to the new behavior, there are also new machines designed to fit into Forbidden West’s new coastal environment. A larger flying machine than the Horizon Zero Dawn’s Glinthawk, Sunwing uses its wings to collect solar energy in fine weather. It is vulnerable when using solar power, but when idle, you need to pay more attention to the threats around you.

Speaking of vulnerabilities, every machine is designed with multiple means to defeat it. “We tried to clarify to the player through the design of the machine and added textures to show weaknesses and interactive components,” explained Asset Art Leader Maxim Fleury. “Each machine needs to be scrutinized to find different approaches.”

Alloys can also override more machines to allow them to ride or change their behavior to make them more aggressive or defensive.

Screen-Horizon: Forbidden West [May 2021 Reveal]

The narrative reason for the existence of machines is also well thought out. Tremortusk was released in May. This is a giant war elephant-like machine created to protect other species and allow them to carry out their missions without human intervention.

Holizon Forbidden West will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 17, 2022. Check out some of the new tools that alloys are free to use, such as pull casters and shield wings, and some of the new gear that offers new skills. ..

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