Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Horizon Forbidden West Gear provides alloys with new skills

Guerrilla Games has revealed that the Horizon Forbidden West outfit comes with skills.

In the post Playstation blog Guerrilla Games community leader Bode Vries discusses how Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn, will be shaped in the next sequel to the franchise, and the variety available to Aloy throughout Horizon Forbidden West. We talked about how the costumes and studios are building diversity in this. The side of the game.

“Holizon Forbidden West has a variety of outfits that will benefit the alloy. Similar to the first game, perhaps familiar outfits allow protection from the various dangers that alloys encounter and are purchased from merchants. You can find it or find it all over the world. “DeVries says.

“A new addition to the system is that the Holizon Forbidden West outfit comes with skills that allow players to enhance their abilities in a variety of ways. To maximize these skills. Uses a new and improved skill tree. Now. ”

In Horizon Zero Dawn, each outfit offers a different base value of resistance to its own type of damage, which can be enhanced with additional changes. Game-wide armor can be purchased from a variety of merchants, ranging from basic armor types that provide very little basic statistics to a set of fire and frost resistance that can be used in a variety of situations.

It’s not yet clear how Forbidden West will integrate this system into the game’s new and improved skill tree. The wording does not make it clear whether the costume unlocks a brand new skill or helps the player strengthen an already unlocked skill. However, it sounds like these changes could allow for more versatility in a way that allows players to adapt their alloy builds as they approach different situations in the game.

Elsewhere in the article, guerrillas explored further how the studio could add more detail to Aloy and other character models throughout Forbidden West with the development and release of PlayStation 5. “You can create finer details such as peach fuzz, smooth contours, finer texture details, and more accurate material representations,” says guerrilla protagonist artist Bastian Lamisse.

“And not only did we benefit from the new PlayStation 5 hardware, but we also increased the number of skeletal joints, taking deformations and facial expressions to a whole new level for more reliable and immersive character performance. . “

Nonetheless, the studio quickly reassured fans that the focus on pushing the boundaries of Forbidden West on the PS5 would not endanger the PlayStation 4 counterpart. “In fact, we developed and tested the game on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 at the same time. Ensuring that PlayStation 4 players get the same immersive experience is very much for us as a studio. Because it’s important, “says Ramisse.

Horizon: Forbidden West will be released on February 18, 2022. For more information on Horizon news, check out a comprehensive overview of (almost) everything you know about the game so far.

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