Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Hori Releases Pokemon Legend: Arceus Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch

Image: Hori

Believe it or not Pokemon Legend: Arceus Next month with Nintendo Switch. Prior to the launch of the game, accessory company HORI announced accessories with various themes.

The highlight of the lot is the Switch Split Pad Pro ($ 59.99 USD). It can be used with standard and OLED model switches.

“Become a true legend of Pokemon trainers. HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Pokemon Legend: Arceus)! Enjoy a full-sized controller experience in handheld mode with a full-sized analog stick, precision cross keys, and a large shoulder button designed to be comfortable and accurate during marathon gaming sessions. Advanced features include assignable rear triggers, functional turbos and more. Great for RPGs, adventure titles and many other genres. Catch everything with Split Pad Pro! (Does not include motion control, HD rumble, NFC, or IR cameras.) Officially licensed from Nintendo and Pokemon Company International. “

Separately, there is also a Switch Adventure Pack ($ 29.99 USD) and a Switch Vault Case ($ 24.99 USD).

“Don’t leave your Pokemon adventure home. Take the game home. Adventure pack (Pokemon Legend: Arceus) Made by HORI. It’s designed to hold all the accessories and pocket balls you need to take your Nintendo Switch with you wherever you go. Switches, docks, chargers, and other accessories fit neatly and safely into your adventure pack. It features Pokemon artwork. Officially licensed from Nintendo and Pokemon Company International. “

“Don’t sacrifice safety for style! Carry a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, or Nintendo Switch-an OLED model with a lightweight, rugged, vibrant premium Vault case (Pokemon Legend: Arceus) Made by HORI. Featuring stunning Pokemon artwork both inside and outside! The soft silky lining protects the system from scratches and abrasion, so you can play the game safely on the go. Officially licensed from Nintendo and Pokemon Company International. “

All of these items will be available at about the same time as their release on Amazon. Pokemon Legend: Arceus.. Are you interested in any of the above? Please leave a comment below.