Image: Capcom

Prior to being headed by Hideki Kamiya at PlatinumGames, he worked with Capcom and Clover Studios to direct projects such as the legendary action-adventure game. Okami..

In recent years, we’ve seen new versions of the original title reappear on Switch, but sequels are also sought after.In a recent interview YouTube channel cutscene, Kamiya talks about how he’s also interested in the sequel because he feels he has some unfinished business:

When I was making Okami, I never thought I would leave Capcom and work somewhere. Okami was made up of various ideas, but I thought that I might have another chance to work on something that didn’t work, so I took up it in the sequel and foresaw and expanded some things. Answer the player’s questions, hinting at how the story ends.

When building a new IP, there are many ideas under development that you want to implement. However, later in development, some of these ideas will not be possible to implement for system or scheduling reasons. Start saying, “Let’s put what we couldn’t do this time into the sequel.”

Okami talked about both the story and the Celestial Brush mechanics, how to take the time to develop them further in the sequel and make them more enjoyable and stress-free. We obviously wanted to make a sequel. Eventually things went in the other direction. Okami wasn’t a commercial hitback when it was released. I didn’t sell so many copies. However, it gradually became an important success and was positively accepted by many.

Eventually, Okami HD was released on various platforms and reached even more people. It has expanded the player base and allowed more people to enjoy the game. At the same time, we began to see people asking for a sequel about these plot points that we left hanging. The more I look at them, the more I feel this is the work I left unfinished. There is always this part of me that I think I need to handle this someday. I want to do it someday.

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