Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Hideki Kamiya reminds fans that Bayonetta 3 is exclusively for Nintendo Switch

image: Nintendo

Nintendo’s latest direct presentation was a huge success- actual Gameplay video Bayonetta 3..

It is dated to arrive at the switch at some point in 2022, but it seems there is still A few Some fans are wondering if it will be released on other platforms. Hideki Kamiya, executive producer of the game, commented on the exclusive rights to the title.

So what about the situation? This is a Nintendo-funded release, so all decisions are up to Nintendo. According to Hideki, porting isn’t necessarily “impossible,” but Mario and Link are about as likely to appear on other platforms.

Here’s a complete translation of Hideki’s latest tweet, courtesy of Nintendo Everything.

“Like Bayonetta 2, we are developing Bayonetta 3 with funding from Nintendo. We are only involved in the development. All decisions regarding the final product are left to Nintendo, so to others. Please submit a request to release the game. If Nintendo asks you to port the game to Nintendo, we may do so.

“That is, I think it’s not impossible for Bayonetta 2 and 3 to appear on the PS5 and Xbox. It’s Nintendo’s decision. With the same logic, it’s unlikely that games like Mario and Zelda will appear on the PS5 and so on. It’s not possible. Send a passionate plea to Nintendo and work hard to make it happen … If I were you, I would just buy a switch. “

Hideki Bayonetta 2Nintendo’s exclusive rights, and to this day, the title remains the exclusive rights to Wii U and Switch. Now, if you want to play Bayonetta 3, Kamiya’s advice is “just buy a switch”.

Do you have any plans to get Bayonetta 3 when it comes out exclusively for Nintendo Switch next year? Please comment below.