Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Hideki Kamiya of PlatinumGames: Bayonetta 3 “exceeds expectations”

Pinch yourself – yes, we Really did Get treatment when you first saw Bayonetta 3 yesterday. It’s real. There is actual gameplay. And relax …

It is a well-known fact that Bayonetta 3’s Grand Ribeer has been around for the first time in a while. The fact that the game was first announced almost four years ago was also apologized for yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. So it was very welcome to see it finally work.

The game’s debut trailer unveiled a huge battle between a skyscraper-sized demon and a fast-paced combo from the ground. New message Hideki Kamiya, executive director of the game, explained that the team “finally can sigh of relief” when they learn that they have a glimpse of the gameplay for the first time, shared by the fans.

He also promises to “provide an experience that goes beyond everything.” [player expectations]”This is a pretty statement. The full text of Kamiya’s message is:

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. It’s been about four years since the announcement in 2017 … Really, really, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

In the last four years, people have been saying, “What’s happening? Bayonetta 3?? “And” are they really still working on it? “” When will new news arrive? “But everyone just wants to see it. Bayonetta 3 As soon as possible, all of us working on it are burning to show it off just as badly, and without hearing the cheers from the fans, we settle down and continue working for four years. I did.

This finally showed the results of the effort, and the team was finally able to sigh of relief and focus more on their work. It’s been four years for us too.

The excitement of everyone who saw the announcement will definitely cheer us up.There are still many secrets Bayonetta 3But for now, I’d like to drive your imagination out of this trailer and excite you.

When Bayonetta 3, I’m still directing the world and the story, but I chose Yusuke Miyata, a long-time trusted colleague (although he may be a little stupid), to bring new life to the game. directed by.

In addition, the talents of directors Yuji Shimomura and Masaki Suzumura bring smiles, years, dramas, humor, and sexyness to the movie scene like never before.

And, of course, Bayonetta’s look was handled by Mari Shimazaki, someone who might be called her personal designer. This time, Bayonetta dances in a battle that looks more fashionable and elegant than ever.

So you don’t have to worry, Bayonetta 3 The day will come when you can play with it in your hand! No matter how big your expectations are, we promise to deliver an experience that exceeds everything, so we look forward to future information with confidence. “