Monday, September 20th, 2021

Heroes no longer 3 fragments showing open world fragments

Image: Grasshopper Manufacture / Marvelous

No more heroes 3 Now, finally, there is only a short time. It was launched on August 27, and those who enjoyed the series in its two Wii entries and Travis Strikes Again spin-offs can finally prepare for the new games in the series.

Publisher Marvelous has maintained an impressive Official website (Japanese) and regularly share video clips and updates; for example, the clips have been posted on Twitter. The latest videos from the past week briefly introduced the open world part of the game, and while they don’t look particularly impressive, reuploading on YouTube doesn’t make much sense.

In other words, it seems that there will indeed be some inconsistent performance-unless of course further work and patching-in larger areas, pop-ups and frame rate drops. We were also a little distracted by the animation of Travis’s jacket while running, but maybe this is us.

Many of the battle sequence videos look very smooth, and we have seen some jokes. You should treat the open world footage as a tribute to the original. As always, let us know what you think in the comments!