Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Heavy rain developer Quantic Dream rumored to be making Star Wars games

Quantic Dream, the developer of “Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human,” is rumored to be making Star Wars games.

Rumors surfaced in French courtesy YouTuber Gautoz, The studio reports that it has signed a contract with Disney. This is due to the company’s move to multi-platform after a long history of working exclusively with Sony.

As usual, all rumors should not be taken at face value, Dual shocker It reports that Quantic Dream has its own source of information confirming that it is working on Star Wars games. The site reports that it “provided overwhelming evidence” that the source had connections within the Quantic Dream, and the Star Wars game was a studio project for about 18 months. According to the report, it’s unclear exactly what the 18-month period means, but rumors within the “French developer community” indicate that the game has only begun full development in the last few months. May not be.

There’s no official word around Quantic Dream’s upcoming Star Wars game, but Dualshockers reporter Tom Henderson captured screenshots from Twitter to show that the company likes tweets to discuss rumors. Of course, it’s far from confirming that Quantic Dream is making a Star Wars game, but the studio has since removed such things from the tweets.

It’s unclear if Quantic Dream will announce a Star Wars project in the future, but one game from a distant galaxy that has been confirmed to be working is Star Wars: A remake of the Knights of the Old Republic. A new version of the 2003 RPG will be unveiled at this year’s PlayStation Showcase and will be featured as Jennifer Hale replays her role as Pastilla Shan. Future KOTOR remakes will appear on PlayStation 5 as a dedicated console at the time of release in parallel with the PC release, and other consoles may be released at a later date.

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