Friday, September 17th, 2021

Heavy metal machines: Sugoi machines will usher in a new metal pass season

Hey Xbox players!Hoplon Studio from Brazil announced here Heavy metal machine The metal pass is already available!

With the arrival of Sugoi Machines, the free multiplayer vehicle fighting game has entered an adventurous period. The new season brings more than 100 rewards to players.

The metal pass is Heavy metal machine Progress system, players can upgrade their accounts and get rewards. There are 60 levels in total, you can play all of them for free, and you can also get Metal Pass Premium, which doubles the rewards at a special price!

Sugoi Machines takes the Japanese superhero environment as the theme and brings four new models (skins), six new visual effects, five new sprays, five new emojis and two new portraits, and enjoy the fighting style! Nani!

In addition, you can also get fame (game currency) as a reward in certain levels of metal passes, and cash (hard currency) through the advanced version of the metal pass.

We are very proud of our artistic achievements this season Well. The themes and new skins have amazing visual effects. We are sure you will like it! See you in Arenas!

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Heavy Metal Machine is a free multiplayer vehicle battle game. Players can engage in fierce 4v4 battles and control deadly vehicles in the doomsday arena. A brand-new experience The combination of HMM’s unique vehicles, fast-paced battles and apocalyptic arenas will bring you a brand-new gaming experience. A unique list of vehicles From cars that smash monster trucks and heavy armored tanks to blades, motorcycles and electromagnetic trailers, each vehicle has a different set of weapons and game styles, bringing a wide range of strategic possibilities for each game game. To become a metal gladiator, you can play HMM casually, or if you want to add spice, please join the ranked mode to look like a god, or create a team and bring it to the in-game arena, the Colosseum, to compete for prizes and prestige. Novices are welcome. If you are new to HMM, don’t worry! Training mode can be used to improve your skills. If you feel competitive, you can participate in community tournaments or even the Metal League, the official competition of heavy metal machines, which features cash prizes to promote the game’s e-sports scene. Play together and meet new players in the game, or bring your friends for more fun! The best contenders to win HMM are free games rather than paid games. Don’t worry, there is no way to buy in-game items that can give the vehicle an advantage in gameplay.