Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Heaven Machine Review (Switch) | Nintendo Life

Heaven’s Machine is the first in the “Super Rare Shorts” series of super rare games. Brand new indie games are released only in physical form on Switch and can only be purchased in a short open pre-order window. That’s certainly a rare idea, but unfortunately this is probably not the start they wanted.

Heaven’s Machine is a twin-stick controlled action rogue light filled with guns onboard heavenly trains. So far, it’s very promising. However, if you try to play like a gun-filled twin-stick controlled action rogue light on a heavenly train, you’ll be killed quickly. As you rush into Guns Blazing, you’ll soon realize that due to the spread of bullets on the screen and often the narrow area, your short dash can get you into trouble as much as it’s out of it. Probably. If it hits, there doesn’t seem to be any grace period. If 4 bullets overlap when hitting you You are hit four times.

Therefore, the only option is to ducking from behind a random wall decorated with the latest rectangular room, as you can be killed if you approach or try to dodge bullets, and play like a cover shooter. Is to play. This is a tedious routine that quickly reveals how simple and identical the AI ​​used in the game’s small pool of enemies, and how similar the guns are to each other. In fact, the biggest difference between the two guns is that the big multi-barrel bullet spitter has no weight and the shotgun has no kickback, so the biggest difference between the two guns is that you hold down the button on your shoulder or tap to fire. Is it?

The fraudulent aspects of the game are also undercooked, and the randomness feels really random, as opposed to the unpredictable escalation of ever-changing events.We personally go from scratch to the first room on the first stage 19 The enemies, and every room at every stage thereafter, were equally unplanned, scattered from the sky to the overwhelming ones. Even for rogue lights, the difficulty should be modeled on a curve rather than a staccato larch between two extrema.

A series of small unforced errors concludes the disappointing package. There is no way to pause the game except by pressing the Switch home button. Even if you’re looking at the inventory screen and don’t fully know the rest of the game, the enemy will move for killing. If the pickup animation is too long, not only will it be possible, but you may not actually get the bonus item at the end of the stage unless you stand still and wait for it to play instead of going through the front door. .. If you die, you will be immediately returned to the beginning of the first level without displaying the end-of-execution statistics screen between the two. The only change when clearing the game is the appearance of a concise and satisfying credit sequence before being sent back to the title screen.

Basic stability is not a matter of course. The game crashed completely or the UI elements weren’t cleaned up while browsing the inventory screen. Even the simple act of moving from one carriage to the next feels gritty. After the screen is cleared, it will take some time to update the layout as if you caught the game before it was ready.

As a small and short experience, it’s not entirely without merit, but if you enjoy lightly randomized action, the switches already have Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells, Hades, and more. Sadly, Heaven’s Machine is perfect for collectors to keep it securely sealed.