Do you remember power gloves?It was almost a nasty way to interact with the game during the NES era and became immortal in the 1989 Hollywood movie. Wizard.. Since then, it’s become like a cult object in the gaming world, stimulating a longing for older gamers (and feature-length documentaries), but this highly malicious peripheral is HBO’s upcoming festive film. I’m getting another chance of movie fame, thanks to 8-bit Christmas..

Set in the late 80’s, the film tells the quest for a boy to get a Nintendo entertainment system. This is the most popular item for self-respecting children. But alas! The NES are sold out everywhere, so 10-year-old Jake Doyle embarked on a mission to secure the NES.

Here are some PRs:

“8-Bit Christmas” is coming from New Line Cinema and HBO Max. This is a humorous and heartfelt look back on your childhood adventures. Set in the suburbs of Chicago in the late 1980s, the story focuses on 10-year-old Jake Doyle’s bold quest to get the latest and greatest video gaming system for Christmas.

In the film, Neil Patrick Harris (“The Matrix Resurrection”, “A Series of Unfortunate Events”) and Winslow Fegley (“Come Play”, “Fast Rain”) are the adults and young Jakes, respectively. Starring June Diane Rafael (“Long Shot”, “Grace and Frankie”), David Cross (“Pitch Perfect 2”, “Kung Fu Panda” movie), Steve Zahn (“White Lotus”).

Michael Dowse (“Coffee & Kareem”) directed the film from Kevin Jakubowski’s script, based on his book of the same name. Produced by Tim White, Trevor White, Alan Mandelbaum, Jonathan Sadowsky and Nick Nantel, and executive produced by Nikki Ramie, Richard Brenner, Celia Con, Kevin Jakubowsky and Whitney Brown.

The film will debut exclusively on HBO Max on Wednesday, November 24, 2021. Would you like to give me a watch? Please let us know in the comments.