Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Haunted Chocolatier is not the only game the creators of Stardew Valley are working on

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone (aka Concerned Ape) recently revealed that his next game will be Haunted Chocolatier. This is a top-down pixel-based shim that looks very similar to its predecessor. The developers then showed off Haunted Chocolatier’s gameplay footage on YouTube, sharing details about what fans could expect, but said he wasn’t the only project he was working on.

Following the announcement of the game, Barone asked a variety of common questions surrounding Haunted Chocolatier. Frequently Asked Questions On that website. Fans of the developer’s work can find a lot of information here, such as how Haunted Chocolatier looks like Stardew Valley and whether Barone can promise a release date for the game. doubt.

Elsewhere in the FAQ, Barone describes the game’s development period and how he spent last year’s time. “I started working [Haunted Chocolatier] A little over a year ago, in 2020, the developers say. “Since then, I’m still actively working on Stardew Valley-related things, so I’m mainly working on evenings and weekends. In fact, this is the first or only” new project “I’ve been working on. Not, but it’s a project I believe will finish first. “

Haunted Chocolatier gameplay screenshots

Barone does not elaborate on other projects he is currently working on. Instead, discuss the fact that Haunted Chocolatiers will only be single player. It’s currently unclear if developers will wait until the Haunted Chocolatier is released and talk more about other projects. However, the recently announced Sim is currently “still in the early stages of development”, so fans will want to know more about Barone’s other works by that time.

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