Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Haunted Chocolatier combat has been remade “from scratch” compared to Stardew Valley

Eric Barone (aka Concerned Ape) says his fighting in his new game, Haunted Chocolatier, is starting from scratch rather than being copied directly from Stardew Valley.

“Haunted chocolatiers are combat-focused, so they need to be very fun, satisfying, and engaging, while being well-fitted to the big picture,” says Barone. Recent blog posts.. “I’m not” copying and pasting “Star Dew’s combat, so I’m relieved. On the contrary, almost all Haunted Chocolatiers, including combat, are coded (and drawn) entirely from scratch. “

Haunted Chocolatier gameplay screenshots

The blog post also includes some accompanying footage showing that the battle of the game is actually taking place. This can be seen in the tweet below. Barone states that some of the animations differ from those shown in the game’s public trailer. “That’s because I’m still working on everything, and that’s all work in progress,” he explains. “Everything we’ve seen so far is subject to change before the game is over. If you’re following the development of Stardew Valley, you’ll be familiar with it.”

Although the elements of combat are subject to change before the game is released, Barone states that players can approach combat situations in different ways depending on their preferred playstyle. “Many attacks can be blocked with a shield. In most cases, blocking an attack will” stun “the enemy. As long as the enemy is fainted, you can attack much faster, as mentioned above, “says Barone.

“Shield / Stan mechanics reward more cautious and patient players than waiting for a window of opportunity. But you don’t have to play this way. You can also charge aggressively. Doing it If you can, you can “defeat the enemy faster.” In addition to shields, there are off-hand items that complement various play styles. “

The battle in the game seems to be going well, but it can still be a long time before fans can understand it for themselves. Like Stardew Valley, Barone says he won’t release Haunted Chocolatier “until I’m personally happy that it’s very fun and attractive in every way.” With that in mind, Haunted Chocolatier does not yet have a formal confirmed current release window. It may give some worrisome expressions to the fans’ faces, but Barone provided some reassurance, stating that the game was “on the right track so far.”

Haunted Chocolatier has recently been released and will be the next game by the developers of Stardew Valley. If more Stardew was expecting it, rather than a new game, the Stardew Valley board game announced earlier this year may be sufficient.

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