Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery – a hard core rules playing mobile game

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery – a hard core rules playing mobile game

The life cycle of mobile game is often abhorrently short. Many of the popular pop-up games may lose most of their heat in a few weeks or even a few days. It’s hard to see the luxuriant mobile games like Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. This year, the IP of Harry Potter even shows stronger vitality. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery’s drawing is in line with the movie and is also quite exquisite and aesthetic, and its playing method is different from the current major popular RPG games. It is not simply “you shoot one, I shoot one”, but adopts a new original rules of play, for the collection magic game, a small area belt. There’s a different vibrancy.

For the old players who like “Harry Potter”, many of the settings in “Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery” will give you a very intimate sense of familiarity. This mobile mode is in the form of Style 4V4. Each player has 30 life points. It can be strengthened or attacked with the exclusive cards of all kinds of gods on the court. If the physical strength of your character is reduced to zero, it will be in a state of extinction in three rounds, and its exclusive character can not be used. If the player’s life value is attacked to zero or his hand is exhausted, he will lose the game directly.

The difficulties of playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery lie in the construction of the Team formation, the priority of attack, and the choice of the upgrade of the characters. In this test, how to select four of the useful magic card and match them with a strong card group becomes the first barrier for each player. These fifteen deities can be roughly divided into meat shield, control, output and assistance. Even if they are the same type of functions, there are also very obvious differences. For example, the two flesh shield formation, Magic Boy and Terracotta Warriors. The former protects themselves through BUFF and special skills, while the latter protects themselves by stacking armor.

Although there are many choices of character formation construction, for the first time contact with “Harry Potter” IP, or for players who have never known RPG game, they may feel confused. And the effect mechanism of each magic card is also different. Even if the two sides are high-ranking players resident in the ladder, sometimes it is inevitable to confuse the triggering conditions of some cards. Because the introduction of the game is more difficult, it may hinder some light players who like to draw or plot the game. However, unlike the last time, this game added a “word-by-word introduction” novice trial to help players become more familiar. Some players are lacking energy after they fighting with other opponents. At this moment, we suggest you make use of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats to refill some for your game characters.


If you understand the structure of the deck, you still need to think twice before you fight your opponent. In each round, the two warring sides have two chances to use ghost magic to launch attacks (lay out defense). Secondly, according to the situation of the field and magic wind, they should rationally upgrade the number of magic energy and use more powerful magic to fight against the enemy. There are two ways to get magic energy point, one is to open the secret volume by getting the ticket, the other is to buy the game currency. Game currency can be acquired through four channels: activities, daily tasks, secret information scrolls and weird talk study clubs. Even if you don’t buy a card bag with krypton gold, you can accumulate it slowly through many rewards in the game.

In these four ways, both the secret picture book and the strange talk workshop are PVE battles, but there are many differences between them. The former is the plot mode of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, which is presented to the players in the form of pictorial dialogue, and can compete with the magic in the game for PVE energy. The latter is similar to most RPG games in the arena mode, requiring 6000 gold tickets to open the battle, but random opponents are AI, and the overall difficulty is relatively low, it is easy to win more games, to earn gold coins and secret volume awards, is a good place for recreation time.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery has exquisite and aesthetic character drawing, as well as relatively hard core rules of play. The PVE model secret story scroll also has a new story parallel to the world outlook of Harry Potter. If you are a very fond of “Harry Potter” and are interested in RPG games, “Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game” will bring you excellent enjoyment from both visual and auditory aspects.