Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Handy E3 2021 infographic showing all confirmed exhibitors and sponsors

There are only ten days left before E3 2021. Although we still don’t know what Nintendo will do during the event, we are sure that there will be some game announcements worthy of our attention.

On the occasion of the important day, ESA released a new infographic showing all the publishers and sponsors that have confirmed their participation in the event. Nintendo and Xbox are listed as “Pinnacle sponsors”, which are clearly superior to the lower “Premier”, “Feature” and “Elite” sponsors. Wait, every category sounds like the most important category?

In any case, we start:

E3 2021 sponsor

Will Ubisoft bring “Just Dance” Panda for nostalgia?

If you want to know anything about upcoming events, our E3 2021 guide should cover everything. Please be sure to fill in the fan registration form when it goes live tomorrow to access the E3 free online portal with exclusive content.