Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Handcop is a shooter game about a bodyless hand with a big gun and is already huge on Reddit

Last weekend, game developer Jeff Ramos posted his own gif. On twitter.. It showed that a bodyless human hand, dressed like a disturbed police detective, ran with two fingers at the same time and had a huge pistol with the other fingers. It’s weird, funny, and undeniably well animated – all of them helped click and received thousands of retweets and over 10,000 likes.

Being bold, Ramos wondered what Reddit thinks. When hitting r / game, the gif reached the same number of votes pretty quickly. Then it kept rising. Suddenly, I hit the front page of Reddit. As of this writing, it has passed 100,000 votes in favor. Ramos’s work was officially disseminated by word of mouth.

“Many people commented [saying] “This might be a great game!” Ramos told me in an email. “I did my best to explain that this is a game.”

In fact, it’s a year-long game that’s already in development, combining Max Payne’s story, Superhot’s pure style, and Hotline Miami’s score attack tracking, all into a little story influenced by the 80’s. The purpose is to put it together. A hand with a big gun. Ramos calls it the world’s first fist shooter.

Meet Michael McWrist, the star of Handcop.

Born in Brazil and living in London, Ramos has been involved in animation since the age of 17, and eventually landed at Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator). The idea that became Handcop started as an experiment. “I was playing finger football with my wife and watched a TV commercial featuring the hands of the Adams family, so I found it interesting to learn procedural animation with hands instead of hands. Humanoid.”

Its prototype (you can see the gif below), which saw an insubstantial hand playing soccer, eventually became an experiment to animate a more realistic hand. Turn your VR experience into a non-VR game..That is this time Painful hands, Itch.io A fully playable neon shooter made for game jams. As Ramos says, “The feedback was great and I had to continue.”

Ramos’ first hand-based prototype.

Since then, Handcop has been made almost entirely alone in Ramos’s spare time, with the exception of narration, animated rigging, and help from friends and Twitter acquaintances on concept art. Recently, the developers have started childcare leave. This allowed me to increase my pace when I wasn’t caring for my new child.

What emerges from the work sounds really intriguing. While Handcop is actively using some of its beloved sources, such as the 80’s Buddy Cop movie, Ramos says that the protagonist does more than just a site gag, offering more unusual gameplay opportunities. I want McWrist’s small size is used for stealth runs, allowing you to fit in tight spaces or toes (fingertips?) Across power lines, and snap your fingers to enable blink teleporting. However, its small size means that Handcop is currently a one-hit kill game, adding to the need for more hardcore technical play.

Handcop-Animation and concept art

β€œUnlike most comedy games, shooting here is real,” Ramos explains. “It’s very satisfying and the headshots are great.” There are other classic action games. Dash, slow down time, dodge risks and rewards, perform operations that sacrifice time to increase the score at the end of the level. McList can throw guns at enemies and participate in close combat. Ramos is planning a wearable “ring to enhance one of its stats” and is incorporating multiple weapons.

It’s definitely fun to see, but the work you’re doing isn’t a joke.

Despite that hard work, it has been difficult to get attention. “Last week [I posted the Reddit gif], I posted and tried to liven up the game [everywhere] Ramos told me. “I was so stressed that I missed a good time with my wife and baby. I decided not to do that again.

“I couldn’t sleep this weekend because the phone didn’t stop. [I had so] Many messages from people who want to make a game with this, this is a game, or how strange this character is. That three-second loop is mainly because it’s been a year of working on a concept that I really believe and have a passion for. ”

For Ramos, the reaction was the evidence he needed to keep working on the handcup. He sees a potentially big future and is actively courting publishers to see if he can secure an interest in his project. “This game can do much more than a zero-funded solo developer can do,” he told me about the search. “I want to find a publisher, I want to explore the possibilities of this project, the possibilities of this character.”

Ramos wants more hands to make Handcop. But even if they didn’t come, the Reddit reaction and the boost it gave him solidified Ramos’s determination. “My dream has always been to direct the game. Even if I need to do animation, programming and design at the same time, I want to do it with Handcop.” He does it with one hand.

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