Monday, November 29th, 2021

Hamsters Add Another Namco Classic to Nintendo Switch Arcade Archives

image: Via Namco / Fandom

Recently, Hamster has released a Bandai Namco game for the Nintendo Switch Arcade Archives collection. This week, this trend continues with the release of the action title in 1983. Mappy..

“Players operate MAPPY, an enthusiastic and devoted police officer with a mission to retrieve goods stolen from the mansion. While recovering the goods, they are caught by NYAMCO (GORO) and MEWKIES (MEOWKIES). Please avoid! “

As always, hamster releases are available for $ 7.99 or equivalents in your area.This game continues from the release of rally-X Last week and even the original Pac-Man Recently.

In related news, it was discovered earlier this week that hamsters recently submitted a trademark for the “Console Archive.” You can read more about this in a previous post.

Would you like to add Mappy to the Switch home menu? Please leave a comment below.