Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Halo Infinite: The great journey so far

Hello everyone!I hope you like your first look Halo infinite multiplayer game.I believe you have a lot of questions, so I want to provide more information here and encourage you to check We have an in-depth understanding of Halo Waypoint. We also have a new video from our multiplayer game team that will be released tomorrow, as well as a breakdown of the multiplayer game trailer that we will release at the Xbox Game Show this Thursday: by Deputy Creative Director Tom French, Multiplayer Games Expanded by designer Alex Bean and chief sandbox designer Quinn DelHoyo. But for now, let’s talk more about the team’s past, where we are going, and what we are doing between now and release.

When I joined the team in the fall of 2020, I devoted myself to the game, completed the entire campaign and participated in the multiplayer test.The first thing that impressed me Halo infinite How to realize our vision in many ways Halo 20 years ago, when we made original games. That feeling of awe and surprise, freely exploring the vast alien world and discovering its secrets, everything becomes vivid. In the end, technology has caught up with the vision, which is very exciting for everyone at 343.

We also got together as a team and identified key focus areas that we believe are important to complete the game and provide an experience that our fans will enjoy. Since then, we have been focusing on the elements that make Halo unique and fun, and at the same time perfecting and optimizing the game in preparation for release on Xbox and PC. We are not finished yet, but we are close. We can’t wait for you to finally play for yourself.

Although the release is an important moment, it is just the beginning Halo infiniteGreat journey (sorry, I can’t help it anymore). One of the main concerns of our team is the content we will deliver after the game is released, and we have already started the first year of content work-and beyond. You saw some examples of this effort in our multiplayer trailer, which contains a large number of Spartan customization options that will be part of our first season of “Heroes of Reach”, which includes a super sweet Yoroi Spartan. If you want to know, Yoroi armor is free, you can unlock it by playing the season 1 event.

In terms of gameplay, our goal is to provide a multiplayer experience that not only respects the classic Halo combat, but also provides the necessary support for new players to participate and have fun. To this end, we launched Spartan Academy and Spartan Commander Laurette, they will help players familiarize themselves with maps, weapons and equipment. We have also introduced robot competitions so that both new and old players can warm up before going to the battlefield. Over time, we have prepared more content for robots and academy content, and we look forward to launching these content as the game develops.

This becomes the core of our other focus, making Halo infinite A game that will grow with the community over time. It is very important that all of you are partners in this journey, and we are committed to listening to your feedback and continuing to improve the game over time. When we try new things and take risks, we will listen closely to the community to understand what players like and what needs to be re-examined as we move forward. For the first time in franchise history, we have the opportunity to really dig deeper and provide new experiences for our players. You might expect some things, such as new maps and modes. However, in the months after our launch this year, you may see more surprises.

What excites me most about this journey we started together is that multiplayer games are free, which gives us the opportunity to build the largest Halo community ever. In addition, through cross-platform games and cross-platform processes, there are almost no obstacles to playing games with friends, no matter where they play. It feels special to be able to develop communities in this way and bring them together.

In the past few months, we have been passing our behind-the-scenes fans Infinite A blog series that introduces the faces around the studio and tells the story behind the production of the game. For all of us, the past year has been full of challenges and successes. But we will continue to have an open and candid dialogue with our community and let everyone know our progress, because we are making our most ambitious Halo game.

I also want to encourage everyone to go Inside the halo If you have not registered yet, please register. We will have a technical preview this summer. Registration gives you the opportunity to be one of the first to play the game, provide feedback and help ensure we have the best release. We will provide more details about the preview program soon, but for now, please register! We are really happy that people outside the studio come to play this game.

Finally, although today is mainly a celebration Halo infiniteIf I didn’t also talk about the tempting activity clips we shared during the show, I would be dereliction of duty.We will continue to tell the story of Master Chief and Cortana Halo 5, But also tells a story about welcoming new players. Cortana’s fate is one of them endless The major mystery of the battle, early in the story, you will encounter a new UNSC AI, “Weapon”, which was created to help stop Cortana. Embark on an epic adventure with pilots, master masters and weapons, explore Zeta Halo, defeat the exile forces that control the ring, and solve more mysteries in the process.

Speak on behalf of all Halo infinite Team, we are honored to share our work with you today because we are about to launch Halo infinite this holiday. In the coming months, we have more content to share with you, but more importantly, when the game is released, you can discover a lot for yourself. Zeta Halo is almost ready for you to explore, and I hope you are as excited about all the upcoming adventures as we are.