Playing in the live game space is becoming more competitive with console releases and game trends, not to mention the highly competitive shooting space. Developer 343 Industries uses Halo Infinite to make multiplayer more appealing while providing what can be considered a consumer-first business model by focusing on a flexible Battle Pass system and player feedback. I’m trying to maintain it for a long time.

IGN talks with Halo Infinite’s head of design, Jerry Hook, and lead progression designer Chris Blohm, how Halo Infinite’s approach to free play differs from other players on the market, and where players of all kinds are renowned. We talked about what we wanted to come back to. FPS.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer-Screenshot of “Street” Map

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Plan

Hook and Broome know that we play other games β€” as Broome said, “it’s ridiculous to think about other things.” Understanding this and the fact that some Battle Passes can foster unhealthy player habits, they decided that Halo Infinite’s Battle Passes would never expire. This was announced in June, but Blohm says he’s doing this because “I don’t want people to burn out at the end of the season” and “I’m so excited that I’m healthy and coming back.” Said. Because they have to hurry and try to complete the content they paid for.

“We wanted to be able to say,’Hey, look, if you put in $ 10, you’ll keep that $ 10,'” Hook said. Halo Infinite also doesn’t have a loot box, so you can see exactly what you’ll get if you drop money on something.

Hook and Broome also discussed the following important details about how Battle Pass works:

  • Only one Battle Pass can be activated at a time. In other words, the Battle Pass you choose is an experience point you can earn as you play.
  • You can switch which Battle Pass to activate at any time.
  • The test flight battle pass does not represent what you see in the final battle pass.
  • Approximately a quarter of the Battle Pass contains legendary cosmetics. Legendary rating cosmetics will be a canon-related character, or a new type of customized object with special attributes and effects.
  • Event rewards are separate from the Battle Pass.

Season 1: Heroes of Reach Battle Pass

Well, but what’s really in the Battle Pass for the first season? The first season of Halo Infinite is called the “Heroes of Reach”. This was previously announced by 343 in the Inside Infinite June update, but I didn’t know the details of all the items in the Battle Pass (although I could see the bullying of some of the items shown in the Battle Pass in the image). Below), Hook and Broome elaborated on the rewards you can expect from your first Battle Pass.

“We know what people like [Halo] Reach and we knew that the story had another reach beat β€” the paperback book has a reach beat [in Halo: Shadows of Reach] After Halo5. Infinity returns to Reach. That’s why we’ve just started at full speed at the highest stage of reach customization, “Brom said.

As expected in the Heroes of Reach season title, the first armor core features Halo: Reach customization options. Think of an armor core as the base of armor that fits all the corresponding armor of that type. For example, every player in Halo Infinite multiplayer gets a new Mk. VII Armor core. This means that all customization options such as shoulders, helmets, visors and kneepads have been created for Mk. The VII model can be replaced with a Spartan as long as it is equipped with a specific core. The Battle Pass is an opportunity to unlock the Classic Mk. V and its customization options.

“What we were seeing with the Reach Hero [Blohm] The rallying of the team is a very good model of how we’re trying to tell a visual story using a Battle Pass to win a character, basically through all the reach characters that use the Battle Pass, “said Hook. I am.It was created in [armor] The central core, and all attachments that players can choose to add. Want an Emile knife? Want a Jorge grenade? Combine the methods you want to create yourself. Or, if you say, “No, I want it to look exactly like Jun,” you can do that. And for the first time, you can look like a cat with a prosthetic hand. “

To properly represent the prosthesis in Halo Infinite, Broome said he is working closely with in-house veterans and a non-profit organization called Limbitless. “We want people to build a Spartan that they want or want to be, or that they look cool, or that represent them,” Brome said.

For other rewards you can expect from the Battle Pass, Blohm said you’ll see Death Effects (another callback to Halo Reach’s customizations) and other new armor effects. There is also an armor kit. Many of the Noble team’s cosmetics can be earned through the Battle Pass, but certain kits must be unlocked to look much like members of the Noble team. It’s possible that the Noble Team is playing Spartan-IV, which consists primarily of Spartan-III, but Blohm says it’s now looking like a Halo: Halo multiplayer reach character. I said it was just as close.

However, there are some battle passes that are definitely not included. For example, like a featureless emotes.

“We had a lot of trouble with Sparta’s dance moves. We feel that more traditional players will reject Master Chief Dental Floss. [Personal] AI can be crazy. AI can do what it wants to do. That way, you can maintain a military sense without breaking what you think of as a canon.Of course unless it’s Joseph [Staten] Create a whole new story about Master Chief dance, but until that happens [we have Personal AI]”Hook said with a laugh.

Weekly Challenges and Event Rewards

New customization options aren’t only available through the Battle Pass, nor can they be purchased in the store. By playing the campaign, players can earn new cosmetic items, and players can also earn weekly rewards (called capstones) by completing all weekly challenges.

The challenge system became available during Halo Infinite’s test flight, with some changes since then based on player feedback. Hook said it’s important to make sure that the task is simple and that the player really wants to achieve it. The development team monitors statistics on daily and weekly challenges that players have not completed or have not selected to reroll. Later, these will be phased out, leaving room for challenging fashionable weapons and tactics. According to Hook, their goal is to work towards weekly capstone rewards without making players feel like they’re getting a certain amount of XP on the Battle Pass or forcing them to play in a disadvantageous way. Is to do so.

β€œAt launch, we have a Challenge System that enhances the Battle Pass and event system. Events will be published every few weeks,” Blohm said.

Hook and Blohm have kept the details of most events quiet so far, but shared that each event has its own free event path. This is one of the few timed reward systems in multiplayer and does not include paid trucks.

“You get a special playlist and you get a new reward track for [each event]”Two weeks for events and one week for fractures, but fractures come back every month to save progress. Well, that’s another case we’ve talked about for a long time. , “How much do you expect people to play?” right? And let’s balance. This means that even if you’re staying at your parents’ house for a week and don’t have an Xbox, you’ll still get everything on the rewards track. “

Hook said he would monitor progress throughout the event and ultimately through more test flights to see how players react and grow from it in terms of rewards and progress. ..

How to get that sweet samurai armor

Blohm acknowledged that while more traditional Spartan armor and customizations look great, some of us are anxious for more unique Spartan fashion options. This is where the fracture event comes in. At this recurring event, it’s a way to get unique cosmetics that make no sense at Hello Canon, like the teased Yoroi samurai armor. Hook reacts to what the Master Chief Collection is doing with multiplayer cosmetics (MCC multiplayer just got the Vikings and Gladiator Armor) and how the community informs about the development of the fracture event. He said he saw what he was doing.

“Multiplayer Spartans are not Master Chiefs. Sometimes they come in bright colors. In Reach, you may have a fiery helmet. We want to be very careful about how to handle some of these. I think that’s one of the reasons we brought in. The fracture came in when we brought it in. It’s very clear what the fracture says. “Hey, this isn’t a canon. This is not a Spartan fighting the exiled, “Brom said.

Of course, like falcon armor, there were other unique cosmetics throughout Hello’s multiplayer history. Within the Halo universe, everything still needs to make sense, and we’ll rely on the Halo Fractures story to help with that. Hook said it’s important to match cosmetics with Hello’s legend, but it’s their hope to hear from the community about what they want to see.

Community feedback has always been the focus for this team, and ultimately to see what we want, whether it’s an event change or enhanced support for features like personal AI. I want However, Hook and Blohm have revealed that they want to return to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, making each part of the multiplayer feel rewarding rather than tiring.

“The Battle Pass system is really just a small part of the entire ecosystem of the season. Looking at the event and the structure of the event, it’s not just another place to sell things. Adopt the Battle Pass structure and it’s Is to overlap with each event structure we have. What Chris often says is very important to make it successful. A rewarding activity. Battle Pass is above all. It’s important, that is, whenever you play, the Battle Pass is rewarding. That’s our goal. ”

Halo Infinite will be released on December 8th, but IGN will continue to cover the announcement of the new Halo Infinite throughout November. If you haven’t checked out the newly published Streets Multiplayer Map yet, be sure to check it out.

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